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$17.5k for 10 windows?

By August 30, 2019 42 Comments
$17.5k for 10 windows?

Hi all, my mom recently had an estimate for new windows on her home. It’s only 9 windows on a 1 story house. We live in Florida so hurricanes are a concern. This company came out and did an estimate for over $17,000. We don’t know really anything about windows but this seems outrageous? [Heres a picture of their estimate. ](https://i.imgur.com/sHmUYPM.jpg)

Any thoughts?

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  • sschoe2 says:

    Get more quotes but $1700 a window sounds insane. Try just finding an installer and get the windows from one of the box stores. I tried getting a quote from a Window and Door company and they wanted $3300 to replace my simple front door. Bunch of scammers. I replaced 2 myself for $300 each from Menards.

  • pokedbz1691 says:

    For sure get more quotes. That sounds very high when it doesnt include doors.

  • Eleet007 says:

    I live in FL as well. I think I paid around $6k a few years ago for some double pane low e vinyl windows. If your quote was for impact resistant/hurricane windows then it will definitely cost more but 17k sounds very high to me

  • [deleted] says:


  • pjdonovan says:

    You can go to lowes and get replacement windows for like $200 per window. Unless these are reinforced windows that are hurricane rated or something, there’s no way you should pay 17,000.

  • UpnorthKING says:

    I am in Ohio, I purchased 10 windows using a contractor discount, low e vinyl which cost around $150-$200 per window. I installed myself. Rule of thumb, I was always told cost of material is roughly 1/3 of the cost, so it should have cost around 6k.

    That being said, some windows require more effort cutting out and rebuilding. That estimate seems high. I recommend getting 3 quotes to start.

  • bunjay says:

    This price might be high but nobody in this thread has a clue what they’re talking about.

    We don’t know if these are custom or standard sizes, or anything about the sizes at all. I’m assuming ‘impact glass’ means hurricane rated which is significantly more expensive. The quote includes a lifetime warranty which, if legitimate, could account for as much as half the material cost. Where I live replacing windows requires no permit or inspection but that’s included in the estimate so I assume in Florida with hurricane requirements there could be some official process.

    But yeah…just go to a big box store and buy $200 windows and that’ll be exactly the same. Definitely.

  • parmentp says:

    I had 13 windows replaced about 10 years ago, 2 story house, 8k. East coast USA

  • baccus83 says:

    Is this for full frame installation or insert installation?

  • Gesha24 says:

    I would figure out what kind of windows you are getting. I just bought a house with double-pane windows with argon injected and along with other insulation that they put around this house, it’s extremely well insulated and needs noticeably less heating and AC compared to my previous place.

    These windows go for well over $1000 and if that’s what you got quoted – the price may be reasonable and it could be something to consider. I know that I personally would not spend that much money on windows, but I am definitely appreciative of previous owner investing into them.

  • River-Hippie says:

    We do standard size windows in Minnesota for around $400 each. That is the window and labor.

  • silliesandsmiles says:

    That estimate is very high. Generally I suggest budgeting for $600/1000 per window (not per opening). The lowest price would be for white vinyl or tan vinyl windows, cash. Financing raises the overall price of the windows, because we write that in to the cost to cover financing fees so there’s no interest. Painted windows are in the higher range. That being said, if you need hurricane rated glass, that could greatly affect the cost. Also, if you want a total tear our vs. insert install, that would greatly raise the price as well.

  • yakkamah says:

    Check Home Depot!

  • soundslikemold says:

    That is getting close to $1,900 a window. It sounds a bit high. Hurricane windows will definitely cost more.
    Other options could also drive up the price. Based on a google search, Winforce is made by Northeast Building Products. Not a company known for making good windows. Now, I do not know anything about the Winforce line because I don’t live in a hurricane zone. I’m not sure if there is some other manufacture with the same name, but I didn’t find them on google.

    If they are the Northeast Building Product window, I would be hesitant to pay $17 for them.

    This is one of those situations where I would recommend getting three quotes from some local companies. That is the best way to find out if the quote is inline with what you should expect.

  • travelerswarden says:

    It might be worth noting that sometimes contractors will deliberately deliver very high quotes to ensure they don’t get a job. Regardless, 100% get another (few) quotes

  • downwithpencils says:

    That’s really expensive.
    We have companies that advertise $199 per window including labor in Missouri. I got a bid of 2k for 9 – one was an odd size

  • Rossome21 says:

    I work for a window company in Tampa for the past 7 years. I’ve never even heard of that brand. Also, you want Miami-Dade product and install. A quality window 36×50, impact with low-e, argon, lifetime labor warranty goes for $1200/window. Bigger windows are more and smaller is less. Message me here and I can help you out. That company is taking you for a ride. Also, good companys have no interest options, and there is the Pace program available as well in many counties. Smart to get other estimates. Go to Pgt’s website for recommended dealers in your area.

  • McFeely_Smackup says:

    You should have Pella come quote it, it’ll make $17k look like a bargain.

    They quoted a friend of mine $110,000 to replace 12 doors.

  • sleepytimegirl says:

    Check your local utility rebate page btw. Some utilities offer rebates or incentives for energy efficient products. Worth checking if something is out there.

  • nikehoke says:

    People who scam you on the financial end will also do a lousy job.

  • thatUserNameDeleted says:

    Door to door sales man? Yup avoid. You have to pay the sales man commission too.

  • NotAtAllHandsomeJack says:

    Depends if it’s vista or windows 10

  • Cunnartach says:

    Is it new window panes or entirely new windows put in?

    I’ve just had a quote for about 14 entirely new windows put in with 2 front doors at £8k so your quote is pretty astronomical

    Definitely worth looking to see if it’s just new window panes that need to be put in as that’ll take you’re quite down to the hundreds and low thousands.

  • TheWindowMerchant says:

    As other posters have suggested, your best route is to source additional quotes from other companies. Make sure they are providing an apples-to-apples quote.

    While the price is inflated due to their financing structure and lifetime warranty (these costs will always be built into the price), there could also be many other factors that drive the price higher for 100% legitimate reasons.
    Storm/hurricane windows require improved glass systems, and material/manufacturing costs will drive the price higher.
    There is no indication of window size/configuration/style. Large windows, multi-panel windows, coloured, additional accessories, etc will drive the price higher.
    Installation could require more labor if there are high areas where scaffolds need to be built, or site assembly is required for large windows. I am not familiar with hurricane area window securement (I live in Canada), but it is possible that extra steps are required to install hurricane windows.

    Again, apples-to-apples quote from competitors is your best assurance that you’re getting a legitimate price. Don’t overlook any details, and be confident to ask questions.
    Also, did they provide you with a window description (“takeoff”) with your quote? That could provide very helpful information.

  • tappy23 says:

    I had someone quote us 46k for 17 windows. Insanity. Needles to say we did use them.

  • atax says:

    If your in Florida checkout New South. They did my moms house with miami dade wind rating for $13,500 for 6 large windows and a slider. Its higher than regular vinyl low-e glass but with Dorian on the way those things provide so much piece of mind.

  • decaturbob says:

    are these “hurricane rated” windows? That makes a huge cost difference

  • redorangeblue says:

    There are a lot of factors besides number of windows. Are they double hung? Are they all square? Are you doing replacement or new construction? Are you getting hurricane rated. My suggestion is to always get three quotes, if they are all the same price then you know. We have 15 windows in our current house, it was about 10k cause they are all double hung and new construction. Our old house only had 5, but side sliding and they were 7k

  • gabarooch86 says:

    Just got a quote for 11K for 11 windows, 3 of them are large bay windows and need to be tempered because of how low they are to the ground. Also getting a sliding door. They also offered 0% financing for 5 years. 10% seems aweful, I would get some other quotes. There was a very detailed post on windows on Reddit I can send you the link I have it saved. Check it out.

  • whitepawn23 says:

    That is a siding price. With soff/fascia and window frame wraps, not a windows price.

    My house has 9 windows. I was quoted no more than $6k.

    Tell her to keep shopping.

  • hotbutteredtoast says:

    What I find alarming is that they havent itemized their estimate at all

  • Junkmans1 says:

    Get one or two more quotes from other contractors.

    Check references, online reviews and licenses for the one you choose.

  • vazili says:

    >read this as 17.5k for windows 10

    I thought HOLY SHIT that’s expensive for an operating system

  • imdjay says:

    The moment I hear them say the offer/price is valid today only, my front door flies open and an acme brand conveyor belt overdrive’s them out the door at velocities equal to the amount of bullshit they were just spewing.

  • t0ji- says:

    Being in IT, I read this as $17.5K for a copy of Windows 10. My heart skipped a beat.

  • Nitrathedog says:

    Don’t do business with this shady company.

  • bosphotos says:

    I was quoted 24k for 7 windows!

    Ended up getting 2 other contractors that both came in at $8000 for 7. They are big windows.. but not $24k big.

  • Bassmaster421 says:

    We just got 9 windows replaced and a sliding glass door for half that. We got quotes ranging from $6k (local small shop) to $28k (Anderson Windows but they only gave us their premium line as an option)

    We aren’t in a hurricane area but got windows with transferable lifetime warranty.

  • Tzarmekk says:

    If you are trying to get them installed before Dorian, sure 17k sounds reasonable.

  • DangerHawk says:

    This is 100% a predatory scam. Do not use this company. Find a finish carpenter or an installer with a 2 or 3 guy team. The guy taking measurements and talking over the estimate with you should be the guy doing the work. Expect to pay around $700-1000/window (unless you have weirdly huge windows or you want new install windows vs inserts).

  • minusthetalent02 says:

    First question did she seek them out or was she solicited for this quote? If she’s serious about it ,I would get more quotes.. I am still a newbie homeowner. But in my short time, I learned that windows and security system companies are super scummy. I would even try and see if you can find a local contractors do them. I had one do a few for my house. A stock vinyl window cost 600 a window (3rd story finished attic windows.. 3 stories high, it was a steal).

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