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40 Years of This Old House

By July 8, 2019 35 Comments

The This Old House YouTube channel has listed episodes from the first season. Go see old Bob before he was old and an aspect ratio not suited for modern TVs.

Edit: In my haste, I posted too soon. It’s just the first episode. But totally worth watching for gems like, “cast iron waste water lines that will last forever.”

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  • JohnGarrettsMustache says:

    Excellent show. Even the bad scripted parts are good. There aren’t a lot of shows left out there that aren’t some over-the-top personality trying to sell you on completely renovating your home while doing it all wrong.

    This Old House is an actual informative show that shows you how to repair and maintain your home.

  • MadDog_Tannen says:

    Watch Bob Vila interrupt every single person he speaks to FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!

  • rocherealestate says:

    >”cast iron waste water lines that will last forever.”

    I do see a lot of these old water lines that have no business still being in service that just keep on keeping on

    It’s a good time to get yourself into the sewer line replacement business though.

  • StartingOverAccount says:

    wow. I hope they put more on.
    Best part paid 17,000 for house and 30,000 for renovation. Couldn’t buy the lot for that now.

  • Smoothynobutt says:

    I know of bob villa. But did not know he was an OG of This Old House

  • ponzLL says:

    That show terrifies me because they always discover major issues with the houses that I suddenly just know is an issue in my house now lol

  • CountingSatellites says:

    Love that show and the way they actually explain how to do things right.

    There are a handful of more recent seasons on the Tubi app for free.

  • BlueBelleNOLA says:

    This is cool as hell. Go ahead whomever from this old house thought this was a good idea!

  • Ironfist says:

    Just replaced all the cast iron in my house, it was probably 70 years old and a lot was still in good condition.

  • ZenithRepairman says:

    This Old House and New Yankee Workshop were my favorite shows as a child.

    They always keep up with the new technologies and always do the job right. Here’s to another 40 years.

  • Stan_Halen_ says:

    I paid 96 for a year of unlimited TOH, ATOH, and New Yankee Workshop plus the other insider stuff. It’s a wonderful 96 bucks.

  • skintigh says:

    This Old House is where I learned how to do everything on an extremely neglected 1865 Victorian we’re restoring, and how to do it right. If I missed or forgot anything I could watch the video or clip online, or ask knowledgeable people in their forums. It’s literally how I’ve done some of everything on my home, from the foundation to the roof (but not including the roof, F that.)

    It’s too bad they sold out and destroyed their entire community out of spite.

    * They took almost everything off Youtube and you have to watch it in their Flash player or other player than runs 72 scripts and commercials (for PBS content!!!) and sometimes only the commercial plays, no video. Watch a 30 second commercial, nothing, refresh, 30 second commercial… But that’s not a big problem now because:
    * You can no longer view episodes more than a couple seasons old. For that honor you have to buy monthly memberships. But that’s not a big deal because:
    * They have obliterated all the episode descriptions and replaced them with “…” after a few words so they are unsearchable anyway. Good luck finding anything you’re looking for. Searches mostly return HDTV-like fluff pieces and Pinterest-like click-bait cancer, and often the articles contradict each other — for wainscoting in the bathroom they say to use MDF, to never use MDF because water instead use poplar by the floor, always install it on plywood, and install it directly onto drywall with no plywood.
    * They made it impossible to look up contractors on their show — you get to see about 1%, scroll down, click “see more,” now you see 2%, scroll down, click “see more,” now 3%. Why?!?!?!?
    * And the coup de grâce was **they turned off their very active forums for over a year**, for no reason. Then they turned them back on and wondered why nobody uses them now. Also I think you have to pay to use some of the forums.

    Our house and my GF also appeared in an episode of Ask This Old House. I’d point you to it, but it’s pay per view now. We erased it from the DVR because we thought it was always available online, fools that we are.

  • crunkadocious says:

    My cast iron waste line is over a hundred years old and still, uh, holding poop

  • 1h8fulkat says:

    Watched an episode on YT the other day where Bob talked about closing off the rooms and building pony walls to “define the space.”. My how times have changed.

  • audrawer says:

    Omg I remember sitting and watching this with my late dad when I was just a young girl. He was super into woodworking and home renovation. Made a few awesome tables and even a big outdoor birdhouse. It was like a mini motel for birds.

    I miss that great man.

  • sprfreek says:

    All the new stuff is on tubi for free

  • Doublestack00 says:

    I recently downloaded 20+ season’s and have been binging them. Such a good show.

  • hawkeye_33 says:

    My house was built in 1933, still have the terra-cotta sewage line in the backyard!

  • chopchopchopchop69 says:

    It used to piss me off so much when my Dad (lifelong woodworker) would turn off whatever stupid shit I was watching and turn on This Old House and proceed to bitch about the way they did everything. Almost 30 years later I (also now a lifelong woodworker) do the exact same thing whenever I run across an episode or two on a Saturday afternoon.

    It’s where I learned mad respect for masons and crystallized my belief that plumbers in general are just the worst. Every season around episode 4 is when they tear into the ceilings and realize the house is about to collapse because some idiot plumber cut a notch in every support joist for a pipe 50 years ago.

    No offense to any of the good plumbers out there.

  • cream_y says:

    I mean, cast iron waste water lines last like 50+ years lol. Shit, the drain stack in my house is 99 years old.

  • Szos says:

    TOH is such an awesome show. Non-corporate television at its best. No wonder Republicans have been threatening to cut their funding for years now – how dare we have quality programming in the US?!

    My biggest wish for TOH is if they didn’t focus on big expensive renovations so much. I can’t seem to be able to watch it as often as I used to, but I think all the most recent homes have been pretty damn expensive homes.

  • vicsfoolsparadise says:

    I think originally it was supposed to help DIYers do their own renovations in order to save money. It quickly went upscale with most homeowners not putting in the sweat equity. At least that’s how I remember it. Each season had more and more expensive houses

  • dexterdouglas57 says:

    “This is shot, Bob!”

  • htglinj says:

    Wow, that old WGBH title brings back some memories. [Filmation](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmL2lVsoPRY) and [Stephen J. Cannell](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qweoMJS1DQ8) are also some old nostalgia ones.

  • TheSyntaxEra says:

    Love the show.. Has saved me a lot of money being a fan.

  • Matador32 says:

    The prices are what shocked me when I watched the first episode.

    “Oh how much do you think we bought this for?”

    “Uh, $14,000?”

    “Right on the money!”

    Jesus frack, man.

    Then looking up how much they sold it for fully reno’ed… $55,000.

    Looking up the Dorchester house on Zillow today, **$815,000**.

    No wonder a lot of people under 40 can’t afford a house.

  • sweetholymosiah says:

    The early episodes are out there. Find a magnet link!

  • sweetholymosiah says:

    “It’s ALLLL shot, Bob.”

  • pbrwillsaveusall says:

    I know other have said “I love this show” but I’m going to say it: I effing love this show!!


    When I was in college I used to watch it out of entertainment. Nowadays, as a man in his 30’s, I watch it to get help. I love the dated charm it has.


    Edit: I got rid of a Bob Villa joke

  • Lhokei says:

    There was an episode where they were taking a wall out that seperated the dining room from the living room or the the dining room from the kitchen, can’t remember exactly. Well Bob takes a crowbar and smacks the wall ( lath & plaster pre 1930’s) only to get the crowbar blown out of his hand. He hit a live electrical wire that was running to the plugin. Both my father and I stated a couple of seconds before that he should had told people to make sure there that the electricity was shut off in that part of the house. Well we got our answer why he didn’t say it. We laughed our @$$3s off.

  • Seventhson74 says:

    One of the best things I ever heard was from This Old House. If a hole for a wood screw is stripped and the screw doesn’t fit anymore. Take some wood glue, fill the hole and start jamming in as many toothpicks as you can. use a hammer to get the last couple in there nice and tight. let it dry then use a saw to cut the excess down to the level of the wood. You can then use the same old screw right back into that hole and it will hold like new….

  • YankeeTxn says:

    You can sign up for a free month of their “insider” membership and cancel before it ends. They’ll come back with a lower (~50% off) offer. I think it ended up being less than $50 for a year for access to all of their episodes. Though they’re locked to an ancient browser based player.

  • thatoldhouse1912 says:

    Speaking of cast iron waste pipes….


    The stack in my 100 year old house [did not last forever](https://i.imgur.com/ZW39xeY.png)


    Someone had tried patching the crack 30 years ago. It just continued down the pipe. Turns out the damp basement problem was actually just a leaking waste line!

  • Alldaypilot says:

    For $3 a month you can sign up to PBS. You get all the seasons of This Old House as well as the new ones like Ask This Old House and the tradeschool one.

    Totally worth it. I’ll watch 3-4 episodes in a row.

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