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After 5 years of no issues my in fridge ice maker now frosts up weekly and jams. How do I fix this? Pic included.

By May 26, 2019 36 Comments


  • HowSR says:

    A well known issue with Samsung fridges.
    See google…

    You’re screwed pretty much.

  • BurlburnerToo says:

    I also have a Samsung fridge with the same problem.

    I have read a lot online about it and watched a couple of YouTube videos. Some people say it’s fixable.

    I was thinking of calling a local appliance repair person to find out, but I hesitate spending more $$ on this piece of crap.

    Has anyone been able to get this fixed?

  • wooddoug says:

    Ohhh! Samsung! You’re screwed. It’s just the beginning. Soon the bottom of your fridge will collect so much water it runs into the floor because of a frozen drain line. Behind the plastic back of the fridge will be a solid block of frozen ice. Samsung is a piece of shit. I tried a youtube fix with limited results It involved disassembly, wrapping a large copper wire around the defrost rod and directing that wire into the previously frozen up drain tube. That worked for a few months. I still have to totally empty the fridge, take out all the shelves and drawers, remove the inside back and defrost it with a blow dryer about 3 times a year.

  • chrisbrl88 says:

    #*To put a Samsung refrigerator into forced defrost mode you need to press a few button sequences:*
    -Press both the “Power Freeze” and “Fridge”  buttons at the same time.
    -Hold both buttons in until display beeps and goes blank.
    -To force fridge defrost element to come on, press “Freezer” button a second time.
    -To force defrost on both the refrigerator and freezer sections, press the “freeze” button a third time.
    At this point you can make your test from the main PCB on the rear or directly at the components.
    To exit this mode simply unplug the refrigerator.

    Let it run defrost for an hour or two then unplug and plug it back in. By default, it only runs the defrost cycle for 20 minutes every 8 hours to conserve energy. This isn’t enough to keep the ice maker from frosting up. If it recurs after you force defrost, time for a new fridge. I recommend GE.

  • oconneej says:

    I just saw the picture and knew it was a Samsung lol

  • oconneej says:

    I always wanted to figure out if there was a way to retrofit a different ice maker in my Samsung to get it to work.

  • rrickitywrecked says:

    Knew instantly this was a Samsung – I have the same model. Forced defrosting is only a temporary fix – problem is persistent with no known fix. My solution was to buy a new fridge and move the POS Samsung to a back room as an overflow fridge and did not hook it back up to a water line.

  • hfi says:

    Damnit… I just bought a Samsung fridge

  • Elan40 says:

    My GE fridge has an ice maker that looks similar….I have had a clicking sound that resolves when I empty the ice or remove and replace the tray. It is at least 8 years old. Will remember this if we need a new fridge.

  • DissappointingPanda says:

    Lol literally going through this right now. Removed everything defrosted it entirely maybe 2 months ago now it’s bad enough I unplugged it to let it thaw for 48 hours to hopefully make it last a little longer. Ugh.

    So side by sides where it’s at huh?

  • Miss_ChanandelerBong says:

    Memorial day weekend = appliance sales. Just saying.

  • plee82 says:

    Had to replace mine last year after five years.

  • mtytfto says:

    Known problem with this unit. 4 visits from warranty company and they said nothing else they can do. I chip away at it once a month to keep it going.

  • hoso26 says:

    I have the same issues. For the frost build up on the entire fridge, behind the panel I took it all apart and instad of buying the $30 kit, I just took come copper wire and wrapped it around the heat pipe and down the drain. I also put shims under the front legs of the fridge to tilt it back a but and have had no issues since with it, well over a year now. I saw several of these solutions online and kind of put them together.

    As for the ice maker… I can say I have a good one. I’ve lessened the issue buy caulking the Gap and using a hair dryer to melt the surface build up then force defrost to get the rest. This lasted about 3 month or so. I don’t take 5hrbfood out and the temp in the fridge never drops. Pretty easy to do really.

  • kts262 says:

    Like many others from the pic I knew this was a Samsung. We also had the frozen drain issue leading to a puddle of water under the vegetable crisper. Unit was only 4 years old (previous owners of the house bought it to “jazz up” the kitchen before we bought the place.)

    We were unfreezing the ice maker every weekend using an industrial heat gun and cleaning under the vegetable crisper every 6 weeks or so. We had tried all the fixes I found on YouTube or with Googling with limited improvement.

    As someone else mentioned there are some great Memorial Day sales going on now. We bought a GE Profile during Black Friday that we have been very happy with. The old Samsung has been moved to the garage as a beer/overflow fridge. No issues with the GE yet. (My last 2 houses had GE fridges with no issues so hopefully this one follows that.)

  • Exceededlimit says:

    I had the exact same problem. Ours was under warranty and I’ll outline what repairs they did as best I can.

    First, defrost the area. Plenty of other posts provide suggestions how. I personally wouldn’t apply direct heat. We unplugged and used a mini fridge in the mean time.

    2nd, the technician replaced the motor. I imagine in case there was damage to it when it froze/locked up.

    Lastly, he put a line of silicone caulk around the inside edge of the left side. The moisture permeates into the ice box through a small gap in that area. The condensation then freezes.

    You can find videos on youtube that show the exact areas you need to seal. A flashlight underneath the icebox will make the edges “glow”. Short of a new motor, sealing the icebox should be fairly inexpensive.

  • heinway says:

    This happens to be my exact Samsung ice maker design and happens too! Thanks for the post!!

  • VPD625 says:

    I have the SAME EXACT FUCKING ice maker.

    Heres the problem.

    1. The evaporator fan is horrible.

    2. The ice chamber is not properly sealed.

    3. The sensor to let it know that the tray is full doesnt work properly.

    I luckily had an extended warranty and it was all replaced with no issues.

    It now works flawlessly. I hate to say it but this entire ice maker may need the same work as I got.

    More on point – tech ordered a new evaporator fan. He properly sealed the ice chamber with an epoxy and gasket.

    You’re getting bad over icing because the ice chamber is sub 32 degrees and your fridge is causing condensation build up in the ice maker.

  • nikoneer1980 says:

    Any time an appliance is over-engineered, too many things can go wrong. I generally go middle-of-the-road, buying quality units like a fridge with an internal ice-maker. That way I can get away with not having to replace them until they’re about ten years of age (when I was a kid in the 50’s and 60’s, they used to last even longer).

  • 1RedOne says:

    This post feels **very thoroughly** canvassed by a bunch of folks reminding us of Memorial Day weekend appliance sales. My spidey sense is tingling

  • bamboojerky says:

    God I had this same issue with my Samsung Fridge. I can’t count the number of times I had to wip out the good ole hair dryer to defrost my ice maker.


    From the sounds of it, Samsung never went around to fixing this design issue.

  • donkey-mctatersack says:

    Fuck that thing……

  • serickson18 says:

    Have you checked that the flap on the chute that feeds ice to your glass is closing completely after dispensing ice? Over time, the actuator that opens and closes the flap gets rusty and doesn’t close the flap completely. Humid air gets into the ice maker from outside, and causes it to frost up. The actuator is a cheap part easily obtained on the internet. YouTube instructions show how to replace it. This happened to me and it was a simple fix. Works like a charm now.

  • Zeroflops says:

    Check the flap for the ice dispenser. If the spring is broken or it’s not closing properly once you finish getting ice warm air will periodically make its way into the freezer causing a slight melt and refreeze. Depending on your climate it will also introduce moisture.

    I’ve worked on a few of these and they are not a big deal to fix.

    Check your seals as well. Make sure your not leaking past the side of the door. Just wipe them down.

    Your not screwed as some have suggested. As long as the cooling cycle is in good condition. Most other parts of the fridge is DYI. Just need to work the issues.

  • mrstimmy says:

    Same. Called someone out and for $80 he told me to replace the top part and “maybe” the back part too. Never again, Samsung. Never again.

  • AccomplishedAioli says:

    Definitely go LG for fridges

  • Babolou says:

    I take a meat tenderizer and knock all the ice off of mine and it usually goes back to working. It’s aggravating but it works.

  • Thefear1984 says:

    I’m a handyman and I do a lot of work for rental properties. Samsung is definitely out along with LG.

    check underneath the make sure the fan is blowing and there’s not a ton of dust and sediment on the coil. freezing up it’s a really good chance the units bad

  • Verbatimgirraffe says:

    New seals

  • MaerkTaylor says:

    I have the same issue, also with a Samsung fridge. I found if you use the ice maker every few days it helps. I’ve tried the suggestions online and nothing really worked.

    I won’t be buying Samsung again.

  • IncipientFury says:

    I have stared down that same ice maker so many fucking times while banging ice free. Please be a solution.

  • JeffFromNH says:

    Fwiw, the sensor on my Whirlpool stopped working. I looked at YouTube videos on a fix, but the part was expensive and I wasn’t convinced it would work.

    Workaround: I bought two silicone ice trays with covers. I make two trays most days and fill the ice bin in the door.

    It’s more labor intensive of course, but the ice dispenser still works fine, even for crushed. And I like the cubes better than the half moons that I used to have.

    I like a lot of ice (my dog does too).

  • B_U_F_U says:

    5 years? That’s awesome!

    Mine started doing this around 2 years.

  • Tecalias says:

    Make sure it’s pulled away from the wall, it will freeze up constantly if to close to wall, try and pull out 3-4” from the wall.

  • Kimbroix says:

    Have the same ice maker. Fuck Samsung and their stupid shit. You are just screwed.

  • 1Tikitorch says:

    I wish that I could give You better news, but Samsung their Ice Makers freeze up & give the owners fits. Samsung SUCKS !!! My old Samsung side-by-side, there’s a long piece on the left door that helps secure the left door into the right door when it’s all closed up. But on this piece there’s 3 plastic hinges, well on my refrigerator the top hinge broke. I called Samsung & told them it broke, they told me that my refrigerator was out of warranty by 2 weeks, the Samsung Rep said that he was sorry he couldn’t do anything.
    I said that I wasn’t sorry & I’m in the market to buy a Washer & Dryer, a New Flat Panel TV & now a New Refrigerator. I told him that I thought Samsung Sucks & I’m going to LG. I did & haven’t had any issues. I’ve had my new appliances for 4 years. Samsung 🖕🏼

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