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Am I out of my mind?

By July 1, 2019 10 Comments

I have been putting new planks on my deck and I’m almost to the end. Let the sanding and staining begin! It’s roughly 22′ by 21′. I left some of the original planking as it was in decent shape and I’m trying to save money. Regardless I’ll need to sand the entire deck as I want the stain to be consistent.


I have a 5inch orbital sander, am I crazy to take on sanding it with that? I know it will be tedious but am I wandering into madness inducing territory?

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  • V0RT3XXX says:

    Only if you hate and despite yourself. That is a HUGE deck to do with an orbital sander. Rent a floor sander and you will be done in half a day and not kill your knees and back

  • bigtinymicromacro says:

    You are a masochist lol. I’m with the other poster, rent a floor sander. If you don’t want to go that route, at minimum get a handheld belt sander, you’ll be there forever and a day trying to sand a deck that size with a 5 inch orbital sander.

  • industrialoctopus says:

    Borrow a pressure washer

  • seattle-diarrhea-dad says:

    Hahahahahahaha hahahahaha

    You’re planning to sand almost 500 square feet with a 5 inch orbital sander?! Let us know in 2023 how it turned out.

    You need to rent the right tool for the job or you’re going to be in a world of hurting.

  • tomgabriele says:

    How is the condition of the other side of the boards? Flipping them may be easier and better than sanding the worn side…

  • GHMariner says:

    100% rent a floor sander. I did this on a deck and not only was it easy, it turned out great.

  • Slyvr89 says:

    I helped my brother do something similar to his deck. Make sure to hammer in any nail heads further so you don’t rip up your sanding paper. Even with both of us using two orbital sanders, it took like two weekends to do it. You’ll still need an orbital sander for the detail parts that a floor sander can’t get to, but save yourself the trouble and rent a floor sander.

  • thisonesreal says:

    Absolutely use a 5″ sander. Youll save dozens of cents in electricity on your next project when you can just use regular sandpaper in your now permanently shaking sanding hand! (that was a stretch I know )

  • iamjohnny6 says:

    To use any flooring sander, properly preparing the deck is key.
    All nail and or screw heads need to be set below the surface.
    Any boards that stick up and cannot screwed down should be sanded down beforehand.
    Orbital or drum floor Sanders don’t deal with big imperfections on the surface very well.
    You can waste a shit ton of $$$$$ sand paper.
    Use a sander/grinder to hit the bad spots, your orbital to get where the stand-up won’t fit and an oscillating tool to get in the small spots.
    If the wood is treated, protection from the dust you generate is important. Keep yourself, family and pets away from it. Use a dust mask/respirator to protect anyone sanding or exposed to it.

  • Szos says:

    I *lightly* sanded my ~9 x 22′ deck with an orbital. But I do mean lightly. I wasn’t taking off paint or stain, just making sure there weren’t any splinters and such on a deck I built with some exotic wood.

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