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Are gray interiors just a fad on their way out?

By August 30, 2019 39 Comments

My wife wants to do our first floor in gray tile that looks like hardwood, but with the labor and material costs for 2800 sq ft plus two staircases, I’m leaning towards a more natural wood color scheme for the floors. Thoughts?

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  • MadiKay47 says:

    Natural wood color

  • Wkpooh64 says:

    I would do the wood

  • frevensakes says:

    You’re leaning towards natural wood color tiles or natural wood?

  • SandraLofn says:

    just try and do something your both happy with, what has been in fashion recently has been rather cold and for me does not really feel like being in a home, i would rather have stuff a bit colorful since it does affect your mood.

  • c-digs says:

    Great on the walls, natural wood on the floors.

    The neutral gray balances the warmth of the wood.

  • War_Daddy says:

    Natural wood is good, I think the wood colored tiles look bad; gray ones look better

  • misterchristie says:

    All colour trends – such as grey – are precisely that, trends. Their popularity will wain at some point. This is not a judgement on grey or any other colour, rather a statement of fact.

    Look at the history of the use of colour in interiors and you’ll see it ebbs and flows with time. The key – from my perspective – is buying what you genuinely like; not what the culture of the moment dictates is popular. It is your home and you should enjoy it.

    Now of course if you factor in ‘catering to the masses via trends’ because you think your home is a piggy bank waiting to be broken open when the market hits a high, then you would be well advised to use an on trend colour such as grey… so long as you get out before that trend passes.

    A classic natural wood tone is personally appealing to me but then again it’s tile. Maybe it should look like tile, not wood… . Also tiled stairs?!? To quote ABBA, ‘Oh, no, no, no…’

  • lookatrashpanda says:

    Oak wood. Joanna Gaines style is becoming saturated and the trend is dying down

  • glisters says:

    I don’t have a crystal ball, but I really hope so.

    My wife and I had a similar concern recently about our kitchen. We saw some kitchen designs that we really liked but we felt that they were too current and have decided to go for something a little more boring but ‘timeless’ for things like the units and then trendy it up with thinks like wall paint choices and accessories that we can more readily replace once they start to look dated. We know we won’t be replacing the kitchen in 10 years, and we’ve seen too many rather dated kitchens over the years to have any illusions that today’s trends will last.

    It sounds like your flooring will be a big ticket item that you won’t want to update until it starts to wear out. I’d not put in anything too trendy for that reason. That being said, grey floors are pretty neutral and won’t have as much impact as something like wall colour (or kitchen units and surfaces, in my case). I expect the current trend for grey everything will end at some point, but I don’t think it’s likely that a textured grey floor will look out of date.

  • socaTsocaTsocaT says:

    Gray is a fad that will fade away, but not completely. I do tile and am tired of it. Everything is gray and white. I miss beige.
    Natural wood look will always look good.
    And 2800 sq.ft. of tile to be installed is quite expensive.

  • BeetsbySasha says:

    If you could do lighter natural wood that would be what I get. It brightens up the space if you don’t have a lot of natural light.

    Either way, don’t get gray.

  • limitless__ says:

    Yes it will eventually phase out. In the 1990’s every home was painted Sherwin Williams Latte. That lasted well into the 2000’s. Now all homes are grey. It’ll probably stay that way till like 2025. Who knows what will come after that. People are still into it and all the new homes are that color so it’s not changing soon. But it will change eventually. No color is going to last forever. No matter what color your home is it’s going to either immediately be dated, or dated in a few years. Wait 50 years and it’s come back.

  • Dukisjones says:

    Not the color gray, but the faux wood tiles…those are a fad.

  • lickmysackett says:

    To me, gray is never out because it is my favorite color. It also looks better with more paint colors. If you plan on staying in there long term, I say pick what makes you happy. Light wood is ugly in my opinion, but dark stained wood can be good too.

  • woollywanderer says:

    I love gray interiors. Have for years. I pretty much only buy gray interior paint. But even I go with the more natural/transitional decor for expensive changes. The natural colored wood look tiles will really set off gray walls and be more flexible, decorating wise, 5/10/20 years down the line.

  • ElVichoPerro says:

    You want to put tiles on your stairs?

  • jatorres says:

    Definitely a fad, but we’ll prob see it for a few more years at least.

  • palejolie says:

    The blogs are going more towards a beige-y grey. One that pulls more warm and not as cold. We just painted our house SW veiled Gossemer and depending on light and time of day it’s light grey or light beige. I think the cool tones are starting to fade a bit and people are beginning to do color and wall paper again.

    That said, for a floor, I’d go with wood. Absolutely. Don’t do wood colored tile, don’t do grey tile (unless it’s like the entryway and kitchen). Think of the houses from the 90’s with the giant 20×20” tile spread through the den and dining rooms… those look so dated and harsh. [like this ](https://www.cleanimageoforlando.com/media/Grout%20Color%20Sealing/grout-color-sealing-5-before.jpg) wood lasts generation… I have original hardwood still upstairs in my 109yr old house!

  • GreasyPorkGoodness says:

    Gray can have a timeless look depending on the application. In a modern home, slate gray floors will last decades without seeming dated. In a more traditional house it will not last.

  • decorama says:

    I’m guessing they’re on their way out. Someone flipped a house in our neighborhood and did the ENTIRE house (all exterior and interior) in gray black and white – but mostly gray. Houses in my neighborhood usually sell within weeks. This one’s been on the market going on 5 months, even after reducing the price.

  • Buildadoor says:

    Omg yes – sorry but I despise the grey wood-look floors and I’m confident it’ll be something everyone will want ripped out within 10 years.

  • GuanabanaTM says:

    We renovate and rent houses for a living, and I’ve long thought that those gray tile “hardwood” look floors are the shag carpet of today.

    The key is to go with current versions of timeless looks. That will get you top dollar today, and 5 years from now. Natural wood toned hardwood floors have been on trend for 100+ years. Go with that.

    My two cents.

  • 82ndAbnVet says:

    About a dozen years ago we put down the porcelain tile that looks like wood flooring in our last house, we went with a dark, walnut look (and in the rest of the house we put down similar looking engineered hardwood). The new owners then painted everything (and I do mean everything) a type of blue-gray. I can’t begin to tell you how awful that combo looked (to me, at least).

    Whatever you put down as tile will determine what will look good on your walls. If you go with gray tile you’ll really be limiting yourself. Personally, I’d go with the most neutral look possible for the floor, we have regular oak hardwoods on our bottom floor and it goes with just about anything–we have a room we just painted a trendy gray, rooms that are still a type of yellow that was popular for a couple of decades it seems, an olive drab looking color in my office, and a dark brownish leathery color I can’t really identify but looks awesome. The oak tone goes well with all of those colors IMHO.

  • therallystache says:

    From the perspective of future sales, I would advise against doing the gray tile flooring. That said, put in your house what you like and will enjoy.

  • jim_br says:

    As a former flooring carpenter, understand that my comments will be a bit biased…I like warm toned wood floors.

    I like tile where cleanliness is expected – kitchen backsplashes, bathroom floors, mud rooms, etc. When used as a kitchen floor where you stand a lot – I’m not really a fan as it can be hard on the feet and knees. As for a living space, I find it cold and not acoustically friendly unless covered with rugs.

    If your house is on a slab, then the tile will be the temperature of the slap unless you install radiant heating. If you have an older home with some bounce in the floor, then your concern will be any flex in the floor. If you add layers to stiffen the floor, your doors will have to be trimmed, moldings removed and reinstalled, and transitions to other rooms and stairs may be the biggest issue with the first step now off by an inch.

    As for color, it’s all cyclical. I recall finishing oak floors with gray stain and bleaching and ‘pickeling’ floors — IMO, this made the natural wood look like Pergo. This was in the late 80s.

    Good luck with your choices.

  • ceecee1791 says:

    Yes. When the house flippers do every house that way, it’s had its day.

  • noahson says:

    In my opinion the grey wood looks cheap when it’s installed in a large area. I’ve been looking for a new home and when we walk into a house with the grey floors I assume it’s a poorly done flip. As an accent for a kitchen or mud room it’s tolerable.

    Use real wood there are lots of options and it’s timeless even if it something crazy like acacia or hickory

  • Kizzitykel says:

    Have you thought about doing luxury vinyl instead? Costs and labor will be much cheaper and there are tons of color options. You can even find some with gray undertones that still look good and will go with many indoor decor themes. If ceramic is your thing, the wood look is popular, though there are fewer color options. Also, it will be cold underfoot, and is a slip hazard, even if you get a more “matte” finish.

  • CrossRelations says:

    God, I hope so. Go with the natural wood. Color schemes fad in and out but natural materials are about as timeless a look as you can get.

  • vinegarnhotsauce says:

    stick with natural wood colors. I toured a house with the gray wood-look stuff and it hurt my eyes on such an open floor plan. It was so cold looking. And this is coming from someone who painted her whole house white and gray. We have warm oak floors to balance it out.

  • 40ozT0Freedom says:

    My gf and I are redoing the inside of our house now. We opted to go with a med-dark blue as our accent wall in our living space rather than gray, which is what most of our friends did. The rest of our walls and ceiling are some type of white. It looks fantastic! We may do a dark gray tile on the floor of the bathroom, but thats it.

    For flooring, gray faux wood tiles would look tacky IMO. Maybe best for like a mud room? I would go with the laminate wood flooring for main living areas. That’s what we’re going to do eventually.

    I’m a millennial if it makes a difference.

  • JuniorPomegranate9 says:

    At some point that wood look tile is going to look extremely dated. If you like it, no big deal. If you want to sell the house in 20 years and are hoping the tile will be a value-add, it probably won’t.

  • Suppafly says:

    I think tiles that look like wood are probably just as much of a fad as gray floors are, maybe even more so. Beyond that, unless you really have a preference, just go with what your wife wants. If you are worried about resale value, ask a realtor.

  • skintigh says:

    It’s probably a fad, but at least it’s neutral and not olive green. We put similar tiles in our large bathroom and they look great. We didn’t go nuts with the grey fad, so it’s just a neutral color floor for us. Some people make all cabinets grey, walls grey… But, according to my trendy friend, grey is out think the **current fad** is “**greige**” — half way between gray and beige.

    That said, I might vote against tile everywhere. It sounds like you have a large house, so it’s probably new and open concept? That much tile might turn it into an echo chamber. An in-law did a house with all tile and it was **SO LOUD**. It echoed like a cave, it was hard to hear the TV over the sound of a TV down the hall and around a corner in a back room, then when their lap dog barked… *shudder*

  • steinah6 says:

    Do you mean vinyl plank tiles or porcelain tile? I think you’d be insane to do you’re *entire house* in porcelain:
    – Anything fragile you drop will break.
    – Floors will be cold in winter (unless you’re running radiant heat)
    – Your feet will hurt
    – Acoustics will be bad
    – Cleaning all that grout…
    – Textured porcelain wood-look tiles can be a pain to keep clean

  • MisoMoon says:

    Adding in my two cents. Gray is definitely a trend. My opinion is that the wood look ceramic tile is also a trend. Medium brown wood floors are like denim jeans which can look good with anything, including gray walls if you’d like to use gray to decorate. They are the most timeless choice because of that.

    If you want a wood look but not real wood, I suggest looking into high quality vinyl plank floors or Marmoleum, which is linoleum instead of vinyl. They tend to look more realistic than the ceramic tile which requires grout lines. They are also quieter and warmer.

  • Pompousasfuck says:

    Paint the walls grey, they can be changed. Floors should be forever, go with natural or dark hardwood/hardwood substitute. Think about all the weird kitchen floor patterns you have ever seen. No one wants to change the floor but people will be ok with painting.

  • RockandSnow says:

    I have moved several times since stainless steel became the thing in kitchens. My guess is that the trend toward grey has been driven by people trying to create a harmonious space in an open-space living-room/kitchen/dining room environment in which stainless steel appliances dominate. I would use the word “great-room” but that shows my age. Anyway, until something else takes over SS appliances, I think grey is the new beige. But I agree with others – get what you like. All you want is that it looks attractive – buyers to whom it is really important will change it anyway.

  • totallythebadguy says:

    What do you like? Do that

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