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Are you confident enough to do your pre purchase inspection?

By May 9, 2019 2 Comments

Considering purchasing a small vacation home built in 2003 and I’m weighing the idea of doing the home inspection myself (septic inspected independently).

I do not work in the trades, but after years of home ownership I feel like ive done enough reno’s myself (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, framing) to know what to look for. I also remember my last inspector being pretty useless – like observantly noting a bat under an exterior eve but completely missing 2 cracked floor joists in the basement. I probably just got a crummy inspector, but there’s really no guarantee or recourse for a shitty inspection so I’d almost rather throw that money towards closing.

The house is relatively new and seems to be in great shape, so I don’t expect any serious issues. However, my concern is how it would be received if I actually found an issue. Unlike home inspectors who are viewed as independent third parties and provide an ‘inspection report’, me as the buyer-inspector would essentially be asking the seller to take my word for it. I suppose the seller can do his due diligence and decide if he wants to repair, but there’s potential for it to complicate negotiations if the sellers prickly (in this case a retiree).

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  • Willynilly1993 says:

    If you have a realtor, ask them what they think. They will know how things can be done in your area.

    When I bought my house a year ago I didn’t want to pay for joe schmo inspector either. My wife’s cousin is a carpenter and former roofer so we had him help since he works in the trades and knew more than us. I sent our list of things to from our inspection to the realtor and I think she may have put them on a fancier letterhead or form but it worked out just the same for us.

  • NWOhioHomeInspector says:

    Unfortunately, our profession gets a bad rap due to the huge collusion that exists with the agent/inspector relationship. If you can find a *good* home inspector, that doesn’t pander to agents, they should be worth their weight in gold for you. Good has 2 different meanings here, depending who you talk to.

    An agent’s “good” inspector will be one who maybe finds things, but sugarcoats, always explains things with a smile, not “scary” (a.k.a. honest) and is a salesman (a.k.a. inspects and reports in a manner whereas the buyer buys the house, regardless of the findings). Sadly, many home buyers don’t know the difference, because they’ve never had an honest, truthful, comprehensive inspection, the way they should be. In other words, not a watered-down version that helps faciltate the sale and leaves the home buyer to deal with the issues themselves by spending their time & money, vs. the sellers’.

    Consult with friends and family or even consult some agents and tell them you want the nit-pickiest guy in town or the one they call the “deal killer.”

    I guess if you’re comfortable with doing your inspection yourself, have at it. I guess you’re right about the credibility thing and the seller may not think this is kosher. If you do find something you feel is significant, you could always bring in a contractor or someone to provide an estimate/some documentation. I will also help you out in any way I can – you can send me pics, videos, etc. or ask me questions. I can also prepare you a document or something if need be and I’m 100% confident there’s a defect or issue. My subreddit is: [https://www.reddit.com/r/AskTheHomeInspector](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskTheHomeInspector)

    If you need my email/phone #, I can give you that as well.

    Good luck!

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