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Attempting to mount a TV on a brick wall.

By June 22, 2019 8 Comments

I know this is possible but there are like a zillion different mounts for sale and I can’t find any that explicitly say they’ll work on a brick wall. Is it just a matter of getting really serious mounting screws or do I need to look for a whole difference animal? The TV is a 55 inch LG.

Frankly I think I’ll pay a pro to mount it but I need to buy the right thing in the first place. Advice?

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  • pm_ur_thick_thighs says:

    Any should work on brick, you’ll just need special wall anchors. Ask for them at Lowe’s.

  • lmaohowstupidareyou says:

    If you find one that says its useable on a concrete wall, they’ll usually come with plastic anchors for the bolts. All you need other than that is a drill bit and a drill to put the anchor in. It’s pretty much interchangeable with the brick wall.

    Just mounted a TV on my friend’s wall, came with all the essentials even though we just put it on wooden studs.

    However, if you ever need to mount on metal studs, thats when you’ve gotta look for different mounting hardware.

  • Sharonsboytoy says:

    If the brick is not level, plan on using washers as spacers between bracket and brick. If brick is REALLY not level, cut and paint a piece of plywood to mount on brick, then mount tv bracket to plywood. Either way, I’d use Tapcon screws or lead anchors into the brick.

  • Notevenspecial says:

    They all will work on brick. It’s the anchors that you will need a bit of help with.

    This is for-sure real brick, and not brick veneer, correct?

  • Maureen_jacobs says:

    Tapcons are your friends

  • greenskycity says:

    I’ve used these twice, Machine Screw anchors. Both on stone fireplaces and I will never use anything again. It was expensive just for the tool that sets the anchors but that tool is one of my cherished ones because nothing is as secure. One TV was a 65″ flat mount and the other was a 50″ articulating mount that I had to redo from someone using some other anchoring system. I hung off of that one while extended and it held and didn’t loosen up afterwords.

    I’m an electrician by trade and we have to mount all sorts of stuff all the time, so maybe call a reputable electrician in your area and see if they are interested.


    *edit – I can hang TV’s but not read reddit posts well, for brick, I’d use tapcons and washers, more than 4 less than 12, lol.

  • MediocreFisherman says:

    You can use any mount. Just go to Lowes or Home Depot and get a pack of Tapcon screws. 1/4″ shank size screws should work fine. The pack should come with the masonry drill bit, and you’ll need a #3 philips head bit.


    Drill a hole with the drill bit, then run the tapcon in it. I’ve used them plenty of times and they work great.

  • Jim165 says:

    Great topic! What would be the best way to mount a TV onto a stacked stone facade fireplace like this one? It is a stone facade over drywall over stud frame. My new construction will have a fireplace just like this one and I have no idea what drill bit/lag bolts to use that won’t damage the stones… https://i.imgur.com/eAIoLqz.jpg

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