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Basement is Finished! What a year!

By July 17, 2019 40 Comments
Basement is Finished! What a year!

Album full of pics: [https://imgur.com/a/a2kCVcH](https://imgur.com/a/a2kCVcH)

I started this project on July 2, 2018 and just finished last week, so it took just a little over a year to complete. This has been a stressful, but very rewarding project that has taught me a lot of skills I didn’t have before, and allowed me to hone the ones I already had. I would never do it again, but I’m glad I did it once.


**Did you do all the work yourself?**

Yep, all by myself except for HVAC, which I contracted out since it was a somewhat complicated install.


**What rooms did you add?**

A living area, office, closet, mechanical room, storage room, and a bathroom.


**How much finished square footage?**

About 700


**How much square footage is the entire basement?**

About 1000


**How much did it cost?**

The final budget was around $11,000 USD


**Why ceiling tiles and not drywall? It’s cheaper**

I really wanted the sound dampening, and the access for new wiring opportunities is a huge bonus.


**Why didn’t you just do carpet? It would have been a lot easier than leveling the slab**

Yeah…why didn’t I?


**Did you get an inspection?**

Yep, all the necessary inspections, and I’m glad I did. They found stuff I didn’t know about that could’ve been hazardous.

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  • frank1951 says:

    I see someone ran the a duck in floor joists
    Does that weaken it. I’m a carpenter and doesn’t seem correct

  • dromio05 says:

    That’s pretty awesome. Well done!

  • Orbiter9 says:

    Looking good. What brand/kind of LVP did you use?

  • checktheradar says:

    That looks awesome!

    Please give me your advice/experience on leveling the floor! Did you deal with the floor for the individual rooms after you framed and dry-walled, or was it the first thing you did?

    I’m in the process of gutting the basement on my 1950’s home and the floor will need to be leveled before I install something like LVP. It’s not crazy bad, but I’m going to have to do something.

  • kkyy55 says:

    How did you get the baseboard so perfect? I struggle and give up after 1 room

  • WISeptember says:

    Great Job.

    One lesson that I’ve learned over the years is hang the rock, hire the mud.

    They are so fast and good and I’m so slow. My time has to be worth something however little.

  • gimp2x says:

    why are there no spacers between studs?

  • lesllle says:

    Looks amazing! You have great taste. The wall sconces in the hall are really lovely…have a feeling that we could see you at r/amateurroomporn pretty soon 🙂

  • becausepuppies says:

    Looks awesome! Do you mind sharing where you got the bathroom vanity from?

  • semi_boloid_slot says:

    Nice work! I haven’t found any ceiling tiles that are cheaper than drywall. Mind sharing what you used? Also what kind of stuff did the inspector point out?

  • ShredTheMar says:

    This looks fantastic
    Any reason you used a drop ceiling?

    Edit: never mind I read

  • effesstorm says:

    What’s your assessment of how hard it is to put up ceiling tiles? Thinking about doing them in a large basement bathroom.

  • [deleted] says:


  • lordrashmi says:

    Fuck all that mudding.

    This looks awesome, I’m always a bit jealous when I see people with basements who do awesome things. Well done

  • shawncanady17 says:

    What made you decide to contract the HVAC out instead of installing ductless units? How much was the HVAC?

  • andyring says:

    Very very nice! I like your electrical outlet philosophy. I’ve always had that mentality too, learned it from my dad. When I re-drywalled my son’s room earlier this year, I added a few while I could. My wife thought it was a little overkill but I told her “Look, his fish tank alone has four plugs for stuff.”


    Very smart on the data lines too, and I see you’re a Ubiquiti guy too!

  • cgrez33 says:

    Looks great!!! I would’ve done the hanging horizontally and done PURPLE Drywall (mold and mildew resistant) in the lower half.

  • isometrixk says:

    Wow, amazing work. As a first time homehowner who just recently renovated a 20sqft bathroom I commend you! And only taking a month on mudding is impressive!

    Reading posts like these are an inspiration and the more I see basement offices the more I want to move mine!

  • w00dboi says:

    Looks awesome! Great job.

    Two questions:

    Do you have your switches wired on the same circuits as the receptacles? Maybe I’m reading your wiring diagram wrong. If so, why did you choose to do it that way? I’ve heard a lot about keeping them separate to prevent items plugged in to receptacles from causing your lighting to dim and flicker.

    Did you happen to get estimates on what it would have cost to hire out the mudding? I’m curious about what a project like this would cost if hired out.


  • ThisIsAbuse says:

    Wonderful looking !. Good work.

    I assume water or flooding is not much of a concern on your property or this partial basement (looks about half under ground).

  • lovely_liability says:

    That looks great! You have plenty of space too

  • mtbandrew says:

    Very impressive and especially the plumbing work. I’d be scared to touch that myself but looks like you nailed it. I’m guessing you have some sort of day job and did this on the weekends. If so, how much did you work per weekend on average?

  • Duke_ says:

    What is the reason for the vapour barrier only extending about halfway to the floor? Is it to do with above/below grade? Or does the vapour barrier extend all the way to the floor, behind the bottom row of insulation?

  • icefresh89 says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get started? Did you already know framing, plumbing etc.? I’m eager to finish my own basement. It’s about the same size as yours and I got a quote for $50k. Absolutely not possible. I did some plumbing stuff (toilet, faucet, shutoff valves etc), electrical (replace outlets, switches) and flooring (install hardwood) in the past, but I’m not sure if I’m up to the task. Never framed a wall or did drywall before.

  • dmedina723 says:

    What kind of things did the inspector bring up that you weren’t aware of?

  • _airsick_lowlander_ says:

    Thanks for sharing, super inspiring and helpful to see the process as it goes. I have 1000 ft^2 basement to finish as well and have a couple major items that I’ll need to hire professionals for before I get started (window wells, structural support beams in order to move a few pillars), but this gives serious hope that there are certain things I could figure out and get done myself after that. Nice work.

  • dmedina723 says:

    Nice. Looks awesome man! Recently did a ton of mudding, some electrical, some plumbing, sprayed texture.. just painting and putting in flooring now. It’s work but it’s fun for the most part.

  • ZippyTheChicken says:

    why ceiling tiles… i asked my neighbor why he put drywall in his basement.. he went through all the crap of leveling out the ceiling with perlins and everything else.. actually I didn’t really ask him why I just asked him what he did and when he said drywall i said … that must have been a lot of work.. and left it there…


    What I was thinking in the back of my mind was … what is he going to do if he has plumbing he has to fix or something like that…


    Ceiling tile you just pop out some tiles and you can reach whatever.. cutoff valves or cleanouts or whatever.. drywall in a basement not a really great idea if most of your utilities, wiring and everything is down there .. especially in a ranch home with a single level and a basement


    but he did what he did and i haven’t heard anything about any problems.. who knows maybe he never had or never will have any..

    Me on the other hand I end up doing projects like rewiring all the cable tv outlets on the first floor for Antenna Coax and Cat6 .. I would have crapped myself if i had to run that any other way except above the drop ceiling heh.

    don’t second think your decision it is a good one

  • schneker says:

    Looks beautiful! Those floors are the exact color I’ve been looking to find. To you happen to have the brand/color name?

  • kidculli says:

    Hats off! As someone who recently finished their basement as well, you crushed your project. Enjoy the new space and memories made down there.

  • coolclayton says:

    Just curious where you live. Looks like all of the same materials and equipment that get used in my neck of the woods. Are you in BC?

  • Farmerdrew says:

    Nice work!

    What did you do for HVAC?

  • memebuster says:

    I love thar desk you built. How did you do the legs or did you buy them?

  • thompsontwenty says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for posting.

    We bought a home in December and I’ve been just working on drainage in the yard so far. If the basement stays dry for the next few months I’ll finish framing the basement and then hopefully finish it next summer. Ish.

  • zimmzala says:

    Nice job, looks great. I like that you installed the drywall vertically a lot of people, even in a basement, will put it horizontal and create more mudding for themselves.

  • xaqss says:

    I like your Magoo’s lamp.

  • Wdeflect says:

    Did you have to do anything to help prevent water intrusion?

  • fyrilin says:

    This is so inspiring. I’m *so close* to being finished with my basement re-finish job (after a water issue) and this helps encourage me. Thank you!

  • BrockSamson83 says:

    What were the hazardous thing the inspector found?

  • mberrong says:

    Kegerator in = Finished. Love it!

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