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Bathroom vent fan/light

By May 9, 2019 2 Comments

Just bought a new house built in 1965. Full bath upstairs doesn’t have a vent fan and I need to install one. I like to think I’m pretty handy, except I’m lost when it comes to electrical. I’d like to install a combo light/exhaust fan in the ceiling above the shower because the light from the wall lights above the vanity don’t provide enough light in the shower.
So, is this a good idea? I understand water/electric is a dangerous combo, but is there a way I can wire it to not be a worry? Are there specially rated light/exhaust fan combos that would be safer in this situation?
Any help, ideas, or other solutions to my issue would be appreciated.

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  • tmancini514 says:

    My advice as a service electrician is to not put the fan inside of the shower area. Combo fan/lights never work that great unless you spend a small fortune on one. I would suggest, a decent fan in the area above the toilet, and add a potlight into the shower area( just make sure it’s rated for that location).
    Also you’ll probably be able to figure it out if your handy, but with electrical unless you 100% sure you know what your doing, the risk to yourself and your familys safety isn’t worth it. I’d expect an electrician should be able to do that job in about 2 hours.

  • coogie says:

    I would never do it but I believe if you have a “wet location” exhaust fan specifically listed (UL) for shower use and it’s GFCI protected, it’s allowed to be installed in the shower but it will cost several hundred dollars (I see one on amazon for $600) and you damn well better know what you’re doing and not just being “handy”. DO NOT put a regular “damp location” exhaust fan in the shower. You’d be better off putting one 3 feet away from the shower and putting in shower rated recessed light in the shower.

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