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By May 8, 2019 2 Comments

I am having some siding being replaced and currently have a prefab corrugated porch roof. It was installed incorrectly and leaks so we will be having it replaced at the same time as the siding. The siding company does not build porch roofs so it is up to us to contract someone to build it. We currently have t1-11 and are having house wrap and Hardie Plank installed on top; there is only a tar paper and no OSB currently installed, only the t1-11. It is my understanding, for the new roof to be properly tied into the siding, it should be flashed under the siding, so it would be easier for everyone to have the porch finished first. Is my understanding correct and the porch roof be rebuilt before the siding is done?

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  • therealbyrnesie says:

    The siding will need to conform to the patio’s roof (with proper flashing, j channels, etc). So, roof then siding.

  • mikebrady says:

    You can never go wrong if you follow PEMDAS.

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