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Best way to paint these cabinets?

By May 27, 2019 12 Comments
Best way to paint these cabinets?

So my wife is ready to update our tiny kitchen. She wants to paint the cabinets instead of replacing them to stay with a budget. Is there a special paint needed to paint the laminate? Or can I paint the laminate? She wants to do white but I’m not sure it’s doable. Thanks for the advice and wisdom!

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  • sharpei90 says:

    Get a good quality paint and primer. Benjamin Moore has a product called Stix, it’s a primer for laminate. Clean the cabinets really well, prime and paint. If you can get handles the same size, you don’t need to fill the holes. Otherwise use a wood putty and fill the holes, then lightly sand them before you paint. They’re flat, so if you want some dimension, add trim and make them shaker style. Go to a local paint store (not big box) and ask for recommendations on paint. They can give you great pointers if you want more information.

  • TheDrabLooker says:

    I don’t think you’d get a good result painting them even with a good quality product.

    I actually think they are kind of cool in a mid century kind of way. I’d get a new counter and embrace the look.

  • oyeweona says:

    I have almost identical cabinets and we did a nice remodel/update and replaced a teal Formica with white quartz counters and blue backsplash to accent the honey in the cabinets. I would reconsider and think about how to accentuate your cabinets if they’re in good condition.

  • gasolinetankerguy says:

    It’s doable. I’d suggest removing the doors and drawers, lightly sand everything.
    Before you begin go to a professional paint supplier like sherwin Williams to get your supplies and any additional advice they may be able to give you.

  • BourbonBear1 says:

    Did a similar project last year, same style doors. Take all doors off, sand and remove any old varnish. I used a wagner spayer and painted, let dry completely then used a spray satin polyurethane to protect from chipping. Hand painted the cabinets since they are a smaller surface area and only light polyed around the hardware. Turned out great. Good luck!

  • arizona-lad says:

    It is important to note that you need a good quality *bonding* primer for this job. Any old primer will not do:


    I like the Kilz, but that is just a personal preference. As long as you get one designed to adhere to difficult surfaces, you should be good:


    To prevent brush strokes from showing, add Floetrol to the mix:


  • Eyiolf_the_Foul says:

    After prepping and sanding, prime well, and sand again lightly. Enamel paints are the most durable (pretty pricey tho). I normally spray tinted lacquer for my projects but did a built in piece with Emerald urethane enamel recently as client wanted a hand painted look for whatever reason.

    The stuff is super hard and durable. Perfect for a kitchen. After a couple weeks of cure it passes the fingernail test.

    Total pain to apply tho, I used a fine nap roller for most of it, which worked the best. It dries quickly and you can’t go over it a bunch either.

  • Equivalent_Cat says:

    What I did when we did ours was remove the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware, lightly sand with a hand sander (60 then 100 grit), dust and clean, prime with a good primer (I used kilz), and then paint. I used semi-gloss. They came out great.

  • grecham says:

    If you want to sell the door handles & drawer pulls, I will buy them!

  • mcclurab says:

    Liquid sander is your friend!! It’s usually sold over by the paint stripper and Krud Kutter, and so much easier than having to deal with all the dust from traditional sanding.

  • BeRandyL says:

    Beyond paint all in one… A little pricey in my opinion but is made to adhere to any surface. No real prep work beyond cleaning.


  • Stirthestew says:

    I would advise not painting these cabinets. You can do so much with these to update your kitchen and have an amazingly in style look. Painting these will just look cheap. I recommend going to Pinterest and searching for mid century kitchen cabinets or original mid century kitchen update. You can totally change this kitchen with new hardware, fixtures, backsplash, and paint. Even a retro looking stove would make the look come together. Painting these cabinets is probably not going to have the desired effect. I suspect she’s wanting to make this a style that it’s just not meant to be. Work with what you have and it will be gorgeous! Also, If you get rid of the hardware on the cabinets, I would be very interested in purchasing.

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