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Bit of an asbestos scare

By July 9, 2019 3 Comments

Mods: I’ve looked through recommended posts, but would still be happy to get some opinions.

I live in a rented apartment. Two years ago we drilled some shelves into a wall by a window. Today I found out that the window ‘pocket’ (where it slides into) has asbestos boards between the inside and outside wall (the walls themselves are cement). I’m somewhat worried that the drilling could have made the material brittle, and if so that it can be released through the hole or the window tracks/pane.
Am I completely out of proportion? Should we have an expert examine the house?

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    Pics would help

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    If you read any of the other thousands of posts here about asbestos, you’ll see this has been answered in pretty much every thread, plus the FAQ. There are no new opinions since the last opinions were posted. No new scientific discoveries or anything like that.

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