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Bottom of bathtub is lower than the floor – is this a concern?

By May 9, 2019 5 Comments

We’re looking at buying a home and in one of the bathrooms, the bottom of the bathtub sits below the surface of the floor, so you effectively have to step down into the tub. Is this a concern? The tub isn’t wobbly or creaky. (I would assume I could replace the tub and build up the floor underneath to get things normalized again.)

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  • bg254 says:

    I would think that the tub is well supported with framing or even a recessed slab, hard to tell without a visual. One thing you could do is check the tubs position while empty, then fill it full of water and inspect for any variance in its position, such as side to side, front to back and vertical shifting.

  • bootynasty says:

    Isn’t this a safety tub generally meant for the elderly?

  • illumistral says:

    I recall seeing tubs like this as they were built into older buildings for whatever reason.

  • beachparty42 says:

    Fill it with water , that’s 400 pounds , if it stays on the second floor your all good !

  • pick_a_username345 says:

    How far down?

    Could be thick subfloor and flooring outside the tub.

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