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Can you sue previous owners for using particle board as an underlayment? (Need help removing)

By July 9, 2019 5 Comments

Hey all, removed flooring last week and found a section of our downstairs around the kitchen had 1-2 layers of particle board under it.

Need to remove it, but it’s been damn near impossible. Have used light power tools.

– tried cutting into sections with circular saw, doesn’t help.

-tried getting under with small oscillating skill saw, requires too much force to get it to enter for it to be scalable.

-tried getting the hammer attachment for our demo saw, also barely does anything.

It’s like the strongest glue possible was used, and so much that it soaked the first 1/8 inch, which we’re having no luck removing.

On top of that, it’s installed under the cabinets, so I’m not sure we can just cut through all layers of particle and plywood without demoing entire kitchen unless I’m wrong.

Any other methods recommended?

Call a contractor?


PS – just kidding on the sue part guys and gals

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  • yesmaybepossibly says:

    I doubt you can sue over this… certainly not where I live.

    If you are unsure get some quotes, if the price is reasonable to save your time and back.. hire someone to so it.

    Good luck!

  • golfinwalden says:

    I hope you were kidding about the suing lol. Ppl are stupid and unfortunately can work on their own homes..but to fix your issue call a contractor before it costs you more money.

  • Sabnitron says:

    You can sue anyone for anything. You won’t win, but you technically can.

  • ritchie70 says:

    There are little circular saws that will fit under the toe kick so you can just cut the flooring out without touching the cabinets.


  • CursedSun says:

    Flat/wrecking bar (x2), hammer. Use a sharp utility knife and you can cut through particle board fairly easily assuming it’s of the underlayment variety. Unless they’ve glued *and* bradded it, it shouldn’t be too hard to tear it up.

    If they’ve glued and bradded it, hire a [powered] floor stripper. It’ll be worth being able to bulldoze through the majority of it.

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