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Concrete Steps against siding/trim

By August 7, 2019 3 Comments

So I came home to a problem the other day which I didn’t even think of until it was already a problem. I’m having a stamped concrete patio installed with stairs coming down from the back door to the patio. Right next to the door is a bump out for a gas fireplace.

Well, the steps as installed go right up against the bump out for the fireplace and cover the siding on it. (Before anyone mentions it, I’m aware there is a drop off and that’s another problem I’m already working on getting rectified)

Area before steps/patio installed:

After, from opposite side (ignore the blocks and cardboard)

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Closer, from above. I’ll try to get better when I am back home, but the point is clear – concrete against siding.

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So what am I looking at to fix this? Ideally, the two need some separation and there needs to be flashing installed, but is there any way for them to correct this without destroying the newly installed stairs?

(Also, I recognize that the siding on the bump out is in poor shape already from the deck that was previously there. Long story short is that the whole house is getting its siding re-done, so that will be addressed as part of that project.)

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  • DesolationRobot says:

    >whole house is getting its siding re-done, so that will be addressed as part of that project

    Yeah, wait until then, then flash/scribe the new siding around the steps.

    Until then, your concern is making sure the steps aren’t letting water get behind your siding. But if the siding wasn’t changed at all, then you’re probably okay. Better, even, then if the concrete guys had cut the siding and then not flashed it properly.

    When you do the new siding you’ll have to decide what to do with the gap between the house and the steps. But you’ll have a better idea what’s going on there once you get the old siding off.

  • surfcaster13 says:

    Is that poured concrete against the house? It looks like that the top of the slab is above the top of the foundation wall. If so that’s all bad news bears, It will rot out your siding then your sheathing then your rim board and top plate.

  • MacPhistoOtt says:

    Hey, I’ve been a siding installer for 15 years now.
    You will have to remove/cut the siding along the top of your new stairs and get some one to bend a piece of aluminum drip flashing that can run up behind the siding, and have it come out a little over your concrete. Seal it with sheathing tuck tape.
    Have your siding stop 1.5” or so above the drip of the flashing.
    As for the front of the chimney, try to notch the trim corner piece around the concrete if you can and cut it so it doesn’t have direct contact with the concrete and then caulk it. The concrete will eventually eat at the siding over the year depending on the material.
    Hard to tell from pics, but looks like cement board siding. Might be tricky removing the siding to fix it without breaking it.

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