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Deadbolt only for entry door

By June 5, 2019 2 Comments

Hi all,
I’m looking at getting a new double door entry. Instead of a conventional door handle and deadbolt, I wanted to use the modern style long handles (3-4 feet long). I was planning on using a Schlage deadbolt which would require one bore. To keep the aesthetic I was not intending to have another bore for the regular door handle.

My question is, is it safe enough to use just the deadbolt? I know the door handle would just provide me the piece of mind of having the door latch when it closes where as I would need to always ensure that I use the deadbolt still or lock the door handle. From my reading from a security standpoint it seems like the concensus is that if someone wants to get in, they’ll get in and the door jambs are weak points anyways.

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  • Gbcue says:

    Yes it is safe enough to use just the deadbolt. Tons of businesses use a deadbolt alone for doors you’re describing.

  • distantreplay says:

    Double doors without a three point latching system are pretty easy to breach. So as long as you accept that, leaving out the passage latch doesn’t really impact security.

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