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Does anyone else experience this irrational fear of the next ”disaster”?

By August 16, 2019 3 Comments

So this all started with some bad luck. First a leak in the floor heating caused water to get into the distribition board. Next, out water heater started to show signs of old age and finally started leaking before the replacement arrived. After that, a electrical heater in the garage broke unnoticeably and caused some fuses to break in. Took a while before I figured out the problem. All of this occurred during the last 4 months or so.

Now, I can shake this irrational fear of the next disaster. Everytime I turn on the faucet I check if there’s still warm water. Every time I come home I do a quick check if any fuses have broken. Etc. And i say irrational because i know we can afford to fix any problem that arise, and I can get just pick up the phone and get help with anything I cant fix myself.

Is there anyone else that experience this? Any tips on how to get over it, and start actually enjoying living in our house again?

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  • jdawgsplace says:

    Lol… similar issue here but I don’t have any money to fix problems …

  • Summoner322 says:

    Moved in 6 months ago, hot water line (below sink) burst upstairs, leak to kitchen, causing water stain on ceiling. Good thing we were home to turn off the valve. 2 weeks later, hot water line (below sink) burst downstairs, good thing I was home to turn off the valve. Turned out the previous owner used a cheap Chinese made faucet that has a distinctive hot and cold lines, but he installed cold on the hot side, I am assuming the cold line cannot withstand the hot temperature, therefore it burst. I went and changed out all the sink inlets to u.s. standards lines.

    Few months down the line, AC broke, but I saw this coming. Unit is 24 years old. Had a new unit put in, but found a good price.

    Water heater is 11 years old, getting to the time of replacement, not sure when that is going to die yet.

    Just ignore it, if it happens, fix it, nothing you can do to prevent unforeseen failures.

  • majesticjg says:

    When we bought our house in October we had a pretty serious list, but we also had the money to attack it, so it was all good.

    Things ran over budget, as they always do, but we managed. We cut a few corners, like skipping putting in a fence, in order to make things work. Par for the course, right?

    However, the list kept getting longer. Turns out those air conditioners that are working great are also very old, use R-22, and may not make it through the summer. They are attached to sheet-metal ductwork that everyone says should be ripped out and replaced, though I don’t really understand why. One of the three (!) water heaters doesn’t seem to be working quite right and, frankly, I’d like to get us down to a single water heater, anyway. The roof over the back porch started leaking. Fixed it. It resumed leaking a couple weeks later in another spot. We still haven’t overhauled the irrigation system like we planned (it does not presently work) and there are other things, too.

    So I get it. My wife hates having to deliver the bad news that we’ve found yet another problem we have to find a way to work into the budget. I definitely feel your fear.

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