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Electrical work in Texas?

By August 7, 2019 2 Comments

This weekend we had a tree fall and pull our meeter box off the wall. The power stayed on but Oncor deemed it completely unsafe as the wires and everything was bent and cut us off until we can get everything repaired but was unsure of what steps to take to get it all repaired
My question is do we need a permit for get the work done or can I get it all repaired and have an inspection done to get power back? No one seems to be able to answer me and the city keeps referring me to the water department or random departments that hang up on me
Has anyone had this experience and how did you go about it?
This is in Dallas if that helps any

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  • Gbcue says:

    You’ll probably need a permit and an electrician.

  • abfarrer says:

    Find a local electrician, they’ll likely know what the rules are in town and be able to handle getting it fixed.

    I’d imagine that because it’s emergency circumstances, they’ll be able to get you up and running and get the permit and inspection dealt with after the fact. (Probably won’t hurt if you have a CPAP or other medical equipment that requires power)

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