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False pitched roof over low slope roof

By August 20, 2019 7 Comments

I’m planning some reno’s and roofing is high on the list so I’m trying figure out some options, one being to put on a secondary pitched roof over the current low slope roof without removing it. If you guys know of any big reasons not to try this I’d interested in hearing your opinions.

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  • arizona-lad says:

    As long as you are not covering up, mold, mildew, rot, termites; I see no serious objections.

  • oldsaxman says:

    I saw this done with an older building that had a flat parapet roof. They literally built the sloped roof structure on top of the parapet and then put metal roofing on. It looked good and really helped with the water problems they were having.

  • thestimp says:

    As long as its sealed on the sides properly and the drainage is sufficient theres no problem. Like the other guy said above, do not cover up shitty work replace what you should.

  • DesolationRobot says:

    It’s done all the time. You can get trusses made that are shallow pitch on bottom and steep pitch on top, if that makes sense. So they fit right over the existing low slope roof.

    I live in a neighborhood that was constructed between the late fifties and into the sixties. The majority of the houses originally had low slope roofs but only about 1/3 of us still do.

    New trusses will likely add to a reroof price. But not too much. It does change the lines visually, obviously.

  • kaiamie says:

    No real problem, but consult a engineer or something before doing. A neighbor did this at his cottage but didnt get anything checked for point loads so when winter rolled around his cottage roof caved in under the weight of snow and ice.

  • NonThreateningWhitey says:

    One tip, don’t make dead valleys.

  • decaturbob says:

    certainly can be done, but depends on span and proposed new roof framing/truss system with incorporating the old roof without removing. It will not be cheap obviously.

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