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Finished our 1960’s Ranch Basement!! – 3 year process :-)

By August 16, 2019 20 Comments
Finished our 1960's Ranch Basement!! - 3 year process :-)

It only took 3 years from start to finished but we got our basement finished [Gallery](https://imgur.com/gallery/gVZeDtF). In that time frame we also updated the breezeway, planted trees, gardens, new roof, vacations, tons of other stuff.

The basement started off, as a 1960’s ranch unfinished basement. I lived alone and the only thing down there was the laundry. I started the project, but it stalled. Fast forward a few years, I met my partner, and we decided get the basement project started again. So three years start to finish, but a big gap in there for other remodel projects, breezeway updates, planted tons of trees, gardens, new roof, vacations and tons of other stuff. Check out the gallery

We listed the home and sold within days. I was still doing final touches up until the open house!!! Onto a new house and new projects!

Edit: Also included was a new Radon system and insulated the cold storage room. If anyone is wondering probably spent $10-12k, and only hire pros for a gas line and drywall finishing. My dad is an HVAC tech, and I did all of the plumbing and electrical, and floor refinishing.

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  • MonkeyCatDog says:

    REALLY nicely done! Can’t tell you how many basements I’ve seen (during house hunting) that are really just dank basements someone stuck some furniture in and tried to call a “family room” or “man cave.” I’d actually LIKE spending time in yours.

  • Mrbiigstuff says:

    Looks nice

  • dontakelife4granted says:

    Great job, looks really homey!

  • fender4645 says:

    I’m always so jealous of people with basements, especially ones as nicely done as this. Living in California, they’re basically non existent. Wish I had that extra space…

  • sonocide6 says:

    Very Nice! What high-gloss sealer did you use for your concrete?

  • bigtinymicromacro says:

    Love it. Question, how is the bare concrete flooring as far as being cold?

  • DrinkingCherryShots says:

    Looks great! Jealous of the bathroom. I want to do a remodel similar to that with the wood slat for the shower area. Is that teak? Couldn’t see the bottom but is it level with the floor (ie curbless shower)?

  • Jonny-Pain says:

    I like the prison shower before the renovations. Brings back fond memories…..

  • project_sergee says:

    nice man cave!

  • Duck_Giblets says:

    Hi there!

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    . This is in order for anyone who may read your submission in the future to be able to learn from you and replicate it, or have a clear understanding of the required process.

    I’ve copied the guidelines from the sidebar below:

    >Project sharing post. If you are posting about a home improvement project you have completed please include progression pictures and share details of your project in the text post, don’t just put a link to your before/after image. We do not want low-effort posts. We want folks here to LEARN from the posts and better understand the process that went in to your projects – not just oohs and aahs over the finished product. These details can include narrative such as what materials you chose and why you chose them (include brand names and purchase locations), issues/challenges you ran across and how you solved them, and budget. If you don’t include details your post will be removed. Sorry, links to YouTube videos or Instagram pages are not allowed as this has led to channel promotion and monetization/private financial benefit. Links to YouTube videos are ONLY allowed when in response to a question. [Example of a great project sharing post](https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeImprovement/comments/8xvbk4/my_wife_and_i_successfully_painted_our_kitchen/)

  • MoonOverJupiter says:

    It looks great! I agree with your sentiments regarding carpet, especially in a basement – I love your stained and sealed concrete, wonderful choice!

    I was 🤣🤣 at the prison toilet…that’s exactly what it looks like!

    I wonder why there was a finished fireplace down there, weird?! Perhaps the original owners always means to do exactly this.

  • tigersblud says:

    What is a cold storage room?

  • isometrixk says:

    How tall are your ceilings?

  • CrispRat says:

    That’s a cool ranch basement!

  • northatlanticbayman says:

    Beautiful job. It’s unreal how hard it is to make time for a renovation of this magnitude. Quality work.

  • Dave-Steel- says:

    What is the process you used to stain the concrete?

  • cdougyfresh says:

    I like the stained concrete! Looks good

  • fnordfnordfnordfnord says:

    Man… I should get a basement.

  • tornadoRadar says:

    I have a general rule: if I can hide infrastructure I highlight it. Those exposed pipes could make for some great accent statement. I’d go white or grey paint on them vs leaving them in the rough. I’ve seen some overheads painted glorious red but i don’t have the balls to do it.

  • Dave-Steel- says:

    That really turned out nice! Thanks for the information.

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