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FYI: Home Depot is clearing out their remaining Memorial Day Ryobi 40v weed eaters

By June 14, 2019 33 Comments
FYI: Home Depot is clearing out their remaining Memorial Day Ryobi 40v weed eaters

Walked into my local HD and they were hand writing this sign. I picked up the EXACT one a month ago for $120. Got my money back and bought 4 more for friends and family (and maybe flip one)

But figured I’d give a heads up to anyone that might have remaining stock in their local store.


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  • Rymps81 says:

    Bought the same one about 2 months ago. Will go and check it out tomorrow for a possible flip.

  • fusionsofwonder says:

    IIRC it comes with a battery and a charger. How much do those two alone retail for?

  • SleeplessInS says:

    Being a pessimist, why are they getting rid of them in such a hurry ? What’s wrong with them ?

  • hellyeahbrother123 says:

    goddammit. I just bought the 18v tool only a few weeks ago for 7 dollars more…

  • bblll75 says:

    Can you post your receipt or the Home Depot stock number?

    People can then check brickseek for inventory and price around them


  • snoobuchet says:

    It’s also a potential trap to lock you into a cordless battery ecosystem. One cheap tool could lead to $100s spent on future tools. I have been agonizing over what weed wacker to buy and just decided to go with the Dewalt 20V (18V). It’s not the most powerful but it should do the job. More importantly, the batteries work with with my shop tools. I bought my Dewalt 18v shop tools 17 years ago. That’s quite a lock-in.

  • case_O_The_Mondays says:

    I was going to get the 80v series. Anyone have thoughts about the 40v vs 80v series?

  • alphatangosierra says:

    Does it include the battery and charger? If I wasn’t towing around my 75′ cable I’d weed whack more often.

  • Newfoundplanet says:

    I’ve owned one of these for 3 years now and it’s a fantastic piece of equipment. I also have the edger and leaf blower. With 2 batteries, it’s always been enough for my 1/2 acre (using all 3 tools).

  • DrMonkeyhead says:

    Well shit I bought one last weekend. Need to run back tomorrow and see if my store is doing this

  • Tim_Y says:

    dammit. Checked local Baltimore stores and no discount. 🙁

    Nice find OP

  • texansfan says:

    Holy shit, I’d buy it for the battery and charger.

  • lovemyhawks says:

    Damn, just got a 20V piece o’ shit for $60… might have to return that if I manage to snag one of these

  • texansfan says:

    I have this and it’s a great tool. I paid a little less than full price and I would do it again. I also have the 40v leaf blower and mower and highly recommend all three.

  • TaylorLH says:

    I’ll be there at lunch. If that comes with the battery it’s worth the buy

  • drmctesticles says:

    I bought this and the 16″ miwer a couple years back. Works well but my lot is less than 1/4 acre and with two batteries its barely enough to get it done.

  • Hold_onto_yer_butts says:

    I already have one of these – any clue if the attachments are also on sale?

  • pm_me_clothed_pics says:

    Just called and sadly.. not @ my HD. And that really sucks cause right now I have electric (got for free) and I haven’t used it in a month b/c of that

  • beowulf_71 says:

    Does this include the battery and charger at this price? They sell the same unit without that for $75. I would assume this is without the battery at $43? If that is the case, then its still a good deal but not a really good one. If it does have the battery then that is just stupid silly right there because they are losing lots of money on those.

  • sjmiv says:

    I’ve got one of these, a hedge trimmer and edger. They all work great

  • FuzzyMistborn says:

    Darn. Out of stock in my area. Would have picked up for the spare battery alone

  • AnticitizenPrime says:

    I’m in the middle of a plan to motorize my kayak with electric scooter parts and a propeller. I’m thinking this gives me pretty much all the parts I need except for the propeller for $43…

  • buefordwilson says:

    Wow thanks for the heads up! Looks like I’ll be stopping by there with fingers crossed on the way home from work.

  • aka_wolfman says:

    Well shit. Looks like I’m going to HD today. Viral marketing success.

  • imakesawdust says:

    I wish they’d do this for the Ego chainsaw or the 5AH batteries…

  • clpesarchick says:

    Called Home Depot and this isn’t true. At least at the two by me they don’t have this sale at all.

  • hardman52 says:

    My HD still has them for $169. Denton TX.

  • AnticitizenPrime says:

    Just checked my local HD. No dice here, they’re $159. East TN.

  • LineChef says:

    Is it Electric or battery operated?

  • cdougyfresh says:

    Damn… Going to scope this out, my grandma needs one!

    edit – none on sale where I live

  • StrangerinthaAlps says:

    Drove to my Home Depot and actually found one but somebody returned it and stole the battery. ☹️

  • thisonesreal says:

    make sure you need a battery powered device before wasting even 40 bucks on it. Im tired of them forcing batteries into everything.

  • djsmith89 says:

    Thanks for this; they had 6 at my local home depot that they couldn’t find… so they gave me one of the Gen2 ones with a 4Ah battery for the same price!

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