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Garage door opener problem

By May 9, 2019 One Comment

I have an All-star MVP garage door opener made by linear that has worked great for years. All of the sudden I came home tonight and was unable to close the door from the super pad wall button. The remotes work perfectly fine, and the simple cheap generic push button at the top of the steps weeks fine as well up and down.

If I use the superstation the down button now opens the garage door, the up button does nothing, the stop button will sometimes stop the door as it should, other times it turns off the light, and the light on off button works fine!

I pulled the switch from the wall to check for shorts/damage and found it was pretty dirty so I cleaned it well with 99.9% pure spray isopropyl alcohol we use to clean fiber-optic before splicing. Same problem yet. Then I unplugged the opener from the wall and pulled out the main control board. Big spider living in it so I thought maybe he was shorting out out. Nothing damaged, capacitors not swollen and all, voltages are as expected on inputs and outputs. Cleaned this board as well and reinstalled. Plug it in and it works! Once… Then back to acting up. Unplug and try again, same works first time not the second.

Has anyone ever seen this issue with this opener? It’s either the control board or the keypad, I hate to replace both if they don’t need it as I can fix these, they are just through hole, I just have no idea where to look.

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One Comment

  • iowajosh says:

    Do you mean you can replace the fancy button, which I have never heard of, with a generic push button and fix the problem? Do that.

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