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HELP! How to remove DEEP staples?

By June 5, 2019 2 Comments

We are re-facing our kitchen cabinets. I have run into an issue- most of our cabinet boxes have the drawer fronts screwed on, except for our pots and pans drawers. They are stapled, very deeply. It appears that the drawer box is made of a soft wood, perhaps pine. But theres tons of VERY DEEP staples holding the box and the drawer face together. We tried drilling next to them to just be able to get down deep enough in order to be able to hook underneath the staples. We just made a home depot run trying to find something skinny and hook-y enough to fit under there (flat heads weren’t really doing a great job) except now that I’ve managed that, all I’m doing at this point is chipping pieces of staple off! I’m not actually accomplishing anything to remove the staples. I’m really frustrated at this point because if I can’t get these off it looks like I’ll just have to order all new drawer boxes :/ which will add a lot of time to my project (waiting for them to be made/shipped) plus it’s an extra expense. The only other option I can come up with at this point is clamping the back end of the drawer box to the workbench and maybe hitting the faces with a hammer to try and break them free of the boxes. But that might just kill the box 🙁

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  • IHSRNO says:

    Knock the faces loose and push the staples back from the other side

  • BasicBrewing says:

    They make special staple remove tools. Will be thinner than a screwdriver and give better leverage for removing so you won’t ding up the cabinets as much.

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