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Hinged Pocket Door Mechanism

By July 8, 2019 6 Comments
Hinged Pocket Door Mechanism

I am wanting to redo my laundry room (its more of a laundry nook in a hallway)

It currently has bi-fold doors on it but my wife and I do not care for them.


Ideally we are wanting to have a pocket door that pivots once extended to cover the opening.

I know a mechanism like this exists for cabinetry but I am having a hard time finding something similar for doors. The one that I believe might work is this: [https://www.rockler.com/kv8091-slides-full-overlay-pocket-door-system-pocket-door-slides](https://www.rockler.com/kv8091-slides-full-overlay-pocket-door-system-pocket-door-slides)


Here is a depiction of what I’m talking about: [https://imgur.com/d4S3zQx](https://imgur.com/d4S3zQx)

The doors start in the ‘pocketed’ state (red) – pull out to the orange – then swing closed (green/white)


Those are a little more expensive than we would prefer so I was wondering if anyone knew of another solution/product. Has anyone done or seen what I am describing?

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