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How to Build a Redneck Twin XL Bed Frame?

By June 5, 2019 3 Comments

I want to build a very simple bed frame suitable for a twin XL mattress, using if possible only the lumber from a motley collection of two-by-four-inch studs of varying length and 3/4-inch roofing plywood segments that has been collecting dust for years. The plywood segments were originally cut from four-by-eight-foot sheets, but it shouldn’t be a problem to pick out a couple of pieces large enough to quickly cut down for the mattress support. I suppose the smaller piece would go into the foot of the bed frame mattress support.

Has anyone already done this exact sort of simple-minded project? I know it’s too redneck to interest truly skilled carpenters, but it’ll serve my needs and save limited funds. It’d be nice to get a few tips on determining the optimal height of the bed frame, the best way to create a simple yet effective headboard and perhaps footboard, and how to design the bed frame so that it can be disassembled without too much fuss if needed into smaller sections for easy transportation.

I own numerous hand tools as well as a circular saw and a power hand drill. I recently acquired a decent pair of Gorilla work platforms. I’ve built similar redneck furniture projects in the past, such as a four-foot by four-foot work table, a small shelving unit for storing heavy boxes of printer paper, and two oversized work tables the dimensions of which I’m too lazy to measure again right now. They’ve worked well over the years. Periodically risking my own personal safety or the safety of an overnight guest on a homebrew bed frame is another matter!

Anyways, any building tips or pointers to existing projects would be appreciated. ^_^

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  • AbsolutelyPink says:


    You know, you can often find frames like https://www.walmart.com/ip/Twin-Twin-XL-Full-Full-XL-Queen-Metal-Bed-Frame-Black/324840131
    at thrift stores or Habitat Restores. Sometimes, you can even find headboards and footboards.

    You can make a simple platform like the video, but add a cross piece support in the middle and cut the plywood in half. There are tons of other videos and how to’s online on making bed frames.

    As for the headboard, just take plywood, cover with material of any sort you find at the fabric store. You can even cover it with scrap flooring (Habitat Restore) and then bolt it on.

  • Icy_Manipulator says:

    There’s not much to a bedframe. You can use your 2x4s laid on the flat to make slats to support plywood, or if you space them close enough, they can support the box spring direct. The only crucial thing, is don’t end-fasten load bearing members. You can do 2×4 for the side rails and the slats, but notch the rails so that the slats are supported in direct bearing. Otherwise, kids jumping on the bed can split out the end of the slats.

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