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How to move your shed!

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How to move your shed!


Many people want to take their shed with them when they move house, but most people think it will be too much work. Well in today’s blog, we are going to discuss how to easily move your garden shed to your new home!

First, if you still feel after reading this guide, that you aren’t comfortable doing this work yourself, or simply want someone else to do the work. Then you are in luck. There are many companies which will do the work for you. One of these UK based handyman companies is Handyman Hunter. They specialise in many aspects of Home repairs and maintenance, so they will probably come up again. So if you’re looking for a Glasgow handyman then visit their website.

The safest way to dismantle your shed, is to start at the top and work your way down.


Step One

Remove the fascias and the corner trims. The fascia board is the one mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the garden shed.

Your shed may not have any, if so then skip to step two.

To remove your fascia boards and corner trims, unscrew them or pull out the nails. Remember to keep all the screws so you can put the shed back together. These boards are only to make the shed look nicer, so keep them in good condition. And don’t worry, they have no impact on the structural integrity of the shed.

If you aren’t sure how to remove nails, here is a quick guide.

Step Two

Remove doors and windows.

Remove doors.

You can remove the doors by unscrewing the hinges. Keep the hinges, screws and any extras in a safe place so you can put the shed back together at its new home.

Be careful, keep the door closed while you are removing the hinges. Having the door open might result in the hinges bending and breaking. You don’t want to start with the top hinge either.

For the safest method to remove your shed door. Start with the door closed and the bottom hinge should be your first target. Remove the screws and hinge, then if possible get someone to hold the door while you repeat for the top hinge. Once this is done, your door is ready to be moved.

Remove Windows.

Be careful with this step. If your windows are glass, be extra careful. Get someone to stand on the other side of the window will you unscrew the window frames.


Step Three

Remove the roof

Your roof may be felted. If so you will want to leave the tacks that hold this in place. But you will want to find the screws which hold the roof onto the walls and remove these, once you have done this you are then ready to remove the roof.

This may be in 1 2 or even 3 parts, so keep that in mind when you are taking it off.


Step Four

Roof Braces

Now you have the roof removed, you should now focus on removing the roof braces. These braces are found going from the front of your shed to the back, or sometimes on flat roofs they go from side to side.

Removing these should not have much of a structural effect. But if the walls were put together shoddily then it may become wobbly.


Step Five

Unscrew Corners

Almost done, you will now be ready to remove the screws holding the sides to the front and back of the shed. You may need one or two people to hold the sides upright during this process.

Another thing to note is the shed walls may be screwed in or attached to the shed floor. If so remove each side as you go to remove the panels.


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