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HVAC A coil cleaned? By air duct cleaners?

By May 9, 2019 2 Comments

Hello! So this week I had some guys come out and clean my vents and dryer vent. I have a old Amana furance from the 80s and they recommended that I get the “A coil cleaned”. So I told them go ahead and paid extra.. now I looked at my furance and I dont see any access panel where they could even get to it.. I know they didnt open up any plenum… My question is they used roto brush for all the other vents, do you think its possible they used that rotobrush and snuck in to the A coil from the nearest vent? Is that even possible? Any thoughts or advice? Thank you

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  • fulloftrivia says:

    They’re often a bitch to clean. Somethimes so bad, a service guy might actually remove it to clean it, which means pumping out the refrigerant, unbrazing or cutting the refrigerant lines, removing the evaporator assembly.

    Peek in there anyway you can, get a cheap boreoscope that works eith your phone.

    If they’re not refrigerant techs, they probably shouldn’t be touching the unit.

  • decaturbob says:

    are you sure there is no access cover? Never seen an A coil in a plenum with out one

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