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“I just want a few recessed light” “oh can we change the placement?” “Oh can we add ceiling speakers?” Wish I ripped the whole ceiling out

By July 31, 2019 6 Comments


  • savage_traveler says:

    Did you ever just say no?

  • luckyhunterdude says:

    spouse or customer? Either way you aren’t paid enough.

  • MoonOverJupiter says:

    BTDT, but I only have myself to blame for all the last minute additions, lol …

  • BasicBrewing says:

    Cross your fingers that she doesn’t want a model train running between rooms along the crown

  • DesolationRobot says:

    Honestly it still might be worth it. Might be easier to demo and hang full sheets than to patch all that.

    Not the green choice, but it might be the fastest choice.

  • crikeyyafukindingo says:

    How do the ceiling speakers work? Do you just have an aux outlet in the kitchen or something? We need to redo our kitchen ceiling and I’m thinking it’d be cool to have speakers! My husband is going to hate you lol.

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