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I own a 17 year old home and within the last week we’ve noticed that our vaulted ceiling has started to pop drywall nails. Is this cause for concern or should I just fix them and move on?

By May 8, 2019 7 Comments

So we’re undergoing a kitchen renovation and I just noticed that in our living room ceiling (part of the same “great room” as the kitchen), there are 6 drywall nails that suddenly popped through. I know that this is fairly common in newer homes due to settling, but is this something I need to be worried about? We did shorten a wall in the kitchen by 3 feet, but it was non-loadbearing and 2/3 of the wall is still there.

I guess if these all happened over time I wouldn’t be very concerned, but the fact that they all popped out within a week of each other (? my best guess as I typically don’t stare at the ceiling very often), makes me wonder. They’re all near the peak of my vaulted ceiling. Could it be from all the banging around/demo in the kitchen?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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  • HatterasGlass says:

    If it’s taken 17 years, you should buy a lottery ticket. Now.

  • Hi-iaka says:

    Could be the banging helped shake the drywall more than it’s used too, or perhaps the renovation caused a big humidity change that made them stick out more and caused you to notice them. It’s nothing to worry about.

    Put some new screws on either side and remove or hammer in the popped nails and then make it look nice and pretty.

    You don’t need to worry until the drywall sheets are noticably bowing/sagging.

  • PruHTP says:

    Is there a attic fan?

  • HotMess-ColdCoffee says:

    Is it possible that the contractors removed any support beams or load bearing walls?

  • cgrez33 says:

    Work anywhere in the house that involved attaching removing items from the floors or walls tends to shake things up around the house. Definitely related to your drywall nails.

  • ChipChester says:

    Replace them with screws. No popping.

  • not_a_lizard-person says:

    Is it uniform? Sometimes people miss the stud when hammering them in… Then leave them and finish over them. If they miss the stud there wouldn’t be anything holding them in place, and also pose no risk.

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