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Improvements to our backyard.

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Improvements to our backyard. [https://imgur.com/a/qgkClHR](https://imgur.com/a/qgkClHR)

My s/o is a great man. We have this pesky ground hog. We also have a hunting-dog-by-nature. We also have feral cats.

This will be our first Spring being in our house, our 1 year was actually just in late April. Since then we have had to replace countless things: furance, AC, roof, hotwater tank, grading the side of the house, refinishing the hardwood, etc. It’s an old house, that was not as maintained as we thought. We are young. We are first time homeowners. Okay- moving on.

So the groundhog kept taunting my dog, along with the cats. They would get underneath of our garage, (glorified shed, we do not park cars in it due to the floor of the garage/ hollowness). Inspector advised against it, stated we should put backfill in one day. The groundhog/cat combo was giving me a lot of anxiety. At some point this wooden wall was put up, poorly.. and it started to lean. Then some support beams were added, poorly. So there was about a foot gap/lean between the wooden wall and the garage. As the groundhog/cat would pop out, my dog would go crazy and try jumping under the garage. Apparently someone thought it was a fantastic idea to throw scrap metal and other stuff under the hollow garage. So not only was I afraid of my dog getting some misc tick, flea, fight.. I was also concerned with him getting torn to shreds by the metal.

So a friend suggested: lattice! It would be a cost effective solution to hold us over until we can eventually solve our garage issue and rebuild out finances post roofhotwaterfurnaceACfloors..

Great. So, here’s the juicy homeimprovement stuff:

Tore down wall with sawzall.

Raked out metal and misc garbage.

(Got a bagster, we live in the city, so it’s about our only option)

Placed 2×4 posts throughout the front by nailing and digging them in.

Cut lattice accordingly by shape/slope.

Screwed lattice in.

Done right? – No.

Our fence starts leaning, looks old, crappy.

POWERWASH! Scrubbed grime off with some wood cleaner stuff and a deck scrubber- then power washed.

Fllled in firepit hole/took out rocks.

Raked yard completely, new top soil, whole 9 yards.

Got some Pennsylvania seed, rye seed, blended and tossed.

then.. it happened..

rain.. all of the rain.. pouring down rain.. (we get flash floods occasionally, or at least we did 5 times last year).

All of sudden, our beautiful white lattice is brown and stained.. but why? What could cause this inch dent in the ground surrounding the perimeter of our garage/glorified shed? Why is the lattice brown?

OH- apparently we don’t have gutters! (the front portion does)

Hardscape some drip edge, or something or another with some fabric and rocks.

Threw down more seed. (we keep the dog on a short run)

Put in some solar lights.

and here we are!

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