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Ladder to clean gutters of 2-story house with vinyl siding

By September 8, 2019 3 Comments


  • cdazzo1 says:

    You need an extension ladder and lean it right against the gutter extending approx 1-2ft above the gutter. I forget the exact measurements, but OSHA has a specific horizontal measurement to set the bottom of the ladder measured from where the top is supported and it’s based on height. Basically you want the bottom of the ladder to be set back just enough so your weight never hangs back behind the feet of the ladder. If you can, find a friend familiar with using extension ladders to make sure you’re being safe.
    Ideally you’d have someone “foot” the ladder while you’re up there anyway.

  • sprcpr says:

    Go for a fiberglass ladder. Think about your weight and buy accordingly. Unless you are 120lbs, go fiberglass. The aluminum ones are wiggly.

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