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Lighting fixture help for complete noob

By August 20, 2019 2 Comments
Lighting fixture help for complete noob


Sorry if this is a “duh” type question. We have this fixture in our 2nd bathroom. It came with the house. The far left bulb went out, so when I went to change it, the socket was really loose. And it was quite the chore getting the bulb out. The other 2, as I tested them, were easy. So obviously this is not how the socket is supposed to be.

So I was wondering…1) is the socket this way because they jacked up putting in a bulb, but it can be fixed? Or should it require a new fixture?

2) being in a bathroom that has a shower that is used once a day, is there concern for the exposed wires? I.e., if it needs replacing, is it something that is immediate?

Not being the handy type (but trying to learn) I’m looking to see what options a non handy person has, if any.

Thank you all! Again, sorry for the noob question, but I do appreciate any help as I venture into homeownership and learning to do things on our own.

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  • thisonesreal says:

    It looks like the socket screws into a threaded post in the fixture, is that right? Can you turn it to secure it better to the post or do the wires get wrapped up? I cant tell from the pictures what exactly is going on. I also dont see any exposed wires.

    These cheaper fixtures can be finicky and flimsy but if the connections are solid, its not a big deal. If the wires are connected solidly to the socket and you can safety hold up the glass and socket into the fixture, I dont see a problem. Replace the bulb. Sometimes moisture and dust can make the bulb stick and you can break the structural integrity of the socket trying to remove it. If thats the case, replace the fixture, they arnt expensive (relatively, maybe ~$50-75).

    Maybe another pic of the inside might help?

  • farewellpalace says:

    It looks to me as though the socket snaps in to the metal base. It has a ring that looks like it snaps in to the corresponding slot in the metal. I doubt that it was ever meant to come apart. I wouldn’t put a bulb in and definitely wouldn’t put the globe/glass on it in that state. If you can’t get the socket back into the base, a new fixture is in order. And easy to install.

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