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Looking for a specific TV mount with a wall plate that will fit studs 16 inches apart (width) and 10 inches apart (height). No luck on Amazon or anywhere else.

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Just moved into a new house where the previous owner had a TV mounted in brick above his fireplace. I want to mount a TV there also, and use the 4 bolts that are already drilled into the brick. However, there is 10 inches of space between the upper bolts and the lower bolts, and I can’t find any TV mounts with a wall plate that will fit. Most of them are 9 inches apart vertically.


TV I want to mount is a 65 inch samsung and weighs about 70 lbs, so I want to use all 4 bolts to distribute the weight and avoid failure risk. Anyone know how to search for these TV mounts more effectively??

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  • Tmt1206 says:

    You could always use wooden boards to span the existing holes then mount your new bracket on them. Would offset you a little further off the wall but probably not noticeable

  • Fat_Andy says:

    Utilize the top two bolts and drill some new ones at 9″ down. Patch in the old lower bolts with some red Bondo. It’s behind a TV, no one will know the difference!

  • arizona-lad says:

    Use this mount. You can probably use the top two holes, but will have to two lower holes 4″ below the existing ones:


    Your neck will thank you for using this.

  • decaturbob says:

    put a cleat between the wall studs and use that to mount the TV mount

  • AmateurSparky says:

    I wouldn’t re-use the existing holes honestly. For something as expensive as a TV I would fill these, drill my own and make sure that it’s a solid hold. Nothing will be more disappointing than having your big screen TV fall off the wall because the old holes failed.

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