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Loud and high pitched wubbing sound from outside? Sounds like a really loud version of someone running a wet finger on the rim of a wine glass

By July 9, 2019 5 Comments

I’ve been hearing it the past couple months. Daytime, nighttime. Lasts for hours upon hours. Fades in and out, getting quiet and loud. Husband suspects it’s coming from outside. I personally think it comes from the ceiling but it’s so hard to pinpoint. We live in a suburban area, no industrial parks around. There is a large power line about 3 blocks away. Anyone know what the hell this could be???? It keeps me awake at night 😭

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  • b1tgoblin says:

    Would you happen to have a sound clip ?

  • sscall says:

    Have you turned your HVAC on and off? Could be something ever so slightly rubbing in there and reverberating through the ducts hence you thinking it’s from the ceiling. Same with a ceiling fan. Some people can’t hear certain frequencies. Kind of like some people can hear a TV being on from a high pitched whine and other can’t.

  • yousaidyousawmeyers says:


  • PantlessAvenger says:

    Hard to say without hearing it, but do you live in a breezy/windy area? I’ve heard exposed edges of plastic vapor barrier under shingles or siding make a noise like this when the wind catches it.

  • MoreCoffeeMoreCoffee says:

    ceiling fan?

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