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Major Garage Lean….

By May 9, 2019 One Comment
Major Garage Lean....

Would love to get suggestions on how to stall the lean on this mutual garage. I’ve removed between 2-10″ of soil that was sitting up against the side and have uncovered some structural degradation (see photos). I’ve discussed it with my neighbour and tearing down and rebuilding is plan B only if absolutely necessary. I plan on laying sod and creating a kids play area directly adjacent to the garage and I’m hoping that I can take some simple and effective steps to make it safe with bracing, etc. I am not too sure how a come along would work as there was a band-aid facade installed a few years ago along the front and neighbour’s side. If you have the time, please browse through photos and advise as you see fit. M*ucho* apreciado! [https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xj88crvvdetimj0/AADoRwbHVyC6vnsYwXTsrabDa?dl=0](https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xj88crvvdetimj0/AADoRwbHVyC6vnsYwXTsrabDa?dl=0)

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  • MrRonObvious says:

    There have been several posts over the last year about straightening a garage. One even had a video posted.

    It basically involves setting up ratchet straps going from a fixed point at the base of the back corner of a wall, then attaching it diagonally to the top and front most point of the wall and ratcheting it back until it’s straight and true. Then you have to set up permanent cross bracing of either wood or metal to hold it square.

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