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Modifying a pressure washer for better accessories

By May 8, 2019 4 Comments

Hi all,

Got one of those electric cheap units a while ago, Sun Jack or something like that. It comes with a hose, wand, etc. Works decent enough, but recently a neighbor had a foam blaster I think it is what he called it, where unlike my unit with a soap container that seems to make the water somewhat soapy, his was covering his car in soapy foam. He had said he saw it on youtube some time ago. He had a nice hose, some sort of fancy pistol looking gun instead of the longer wand like thing I got.. and his was pretty solid, heavy, lot heavier than my wand. I wanted to try it on mine but it didnt fit at all, and his has some quick disconnect setup where as my unit has a hose reel on it, and there is a small cord/line from inside the unit that goes in to a slot on the bottom of the reel, that then feeds to the crappy hose.

My unit is out of warranty, so I am OK modifying it. I was thinking of opening it up, following the hose line to where inside the plasticy shell it ends up, and seeing if I could replace it there with the larger quick disconnect setup, maybe run a small better hose out of that to the top of the unit (or side) with a QD on that end, and then buy a 50′ to 100′ hose of some sort that can then handle that better pistol gun and foam blaster thing he had on the end of it.

So.. is that possible? Or is it completely useless to try. I like my unit, does well enough for what I use it for.. the occasional car wash, patio wash down, etc. I dont need anything fancier, just wanted it to work with the better pistol gun and foam blaster thing and get a better hose attached to my unit without trying to use/extend the current one on there.



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  • walkswithwolfies says:

    This is like the difference between hand soap that comes out of the jar in a liquid form, and hand soap that comes out of the jar in a frothy condition.

    That is, there is no difference except for the experience of having foam, an aerated version of soap.

    It’s a gimmick and it’s a wonderful one, because people fall for it all the time.

    If you’re happy with your washer and it works for you, don’t mess with if. Or, as the old saying goes, *If it ain’t broke don’t fix it*.

  • TYMSMNY says:

    The foam cannon is awesome. Just too much trouble to fire up the pressure washer every time. I bought a hose attachment that mixes soap and water for foam and way more convenient to me.

    As for modifying the washer, as long as the engine is running well… you can just replace the hose line and gun.

  • privilegelog says:

    Yes it is possible. I rigged my Sun Joe like this and it is fantastic. You basically need to replicate a kit like this one from obsessedgarage (no affiliation). Though you can (as I did) use the stock hose from sunjoe + extension.


    Edit: for the actual pistol grip sprayer and foam cannon, you should buy MTM Hydro parts. They are the best. Can find them on Amazon. Then you’ll need quick disconnect adapters to get the gun attached to the metric connector sunjoe uses (M22?)

  • privilegelog says:


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