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MP Rotator not rotating

By July 22, 2019 4 Comments

Edit: Im talking about Sprinker heads here

I’ve got a MP3500-90 installed at this head and it stops rotating and is creating puddles in areas where it just stops. If I go over and manually turn the colored part of the head, it will start rotating again and then eventually get stuck again.

I’ve tried replacing the nozzle with different nozzles(2000-90, 3000-90) and the same thing happens.

One thing I notice is that there are bubbles coming out of the the top of the nozzle right around the adjustment screw. Could I be getting air in my system somehow thats causing them to stop?

I have 3 heads on this circuit and am using PRS40 bodies throughout my entire lawn of 20+ heads without any other problems.

Thanks for any help!

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  • AmateurSparky says:

    Might want to start off with the fact that you’re referring to sprinklers. Had to google the model number to know what you were talking about.

    Have you tried replacing the entire head, or just the nozzle? Sticking typically indicates there’s debris in it, I would swap the head out and see if that fixes it.

  • arizona-lad says:

    Change the entire head, not just the rotator.

  • blacklassie says:

    These sprinkler heads can be very finicky. Is this head at the end of the circuit or branched off on its own? It sounds like it could be low water pressure on the line. Work backwards down the supply line and see if there are any leaks or kinks. Also, if you remove all three heads and turn on the water, the arc of water coming out of the bodies should be around the same height. If not, it indicates a pressure problem.

  • distantreplay says:

    Don’t change the entire head yet. MPs are rotating nozzles. Other than the vertical retractable pop-up stem in whatever compatible pop-up spray head you use, there are no other moving parts. If rotation stops the nozzle is where to look first.

    But if the problem persists with any nozzle change, and it only happens at this one head look for a leak or obstruction reducing pressure at that head.

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