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Natural gas smell outside our house – reported to utility agency, they came and checked, nothing, but the smell still comes and goes. What gives?

By June 5, 2019 5 Comments

Howdy /r/homeimprovement

Layman here, so please excuse my ignorance.

My neighbor and I both smelled natural gas a few weeks ago between our houses. It went away, so we both ignored it. Then it kept happening over the past few days so we called it in.

The gas company came out and scanned around both our houses, then the street, nothing on his hand scanner, not even a “duck fart,” as he put it.

Then another neighbor up the street called in a smell, they came back out and did a much more thorough check around the whole street, still nothing.

I’m curious if it’s possible that the gas is actually traveling via light wind from farther away? They basically said, “it’s not coming from near your property so you’re fine,” but the smell still comes and goes.

Thanks for any expertise you can offer here.

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  • wsa9385 says:

    The regulators have a vent it does put off odor sometime

  • Gbcue says:

    Could be sewer gas.

  • NJ68W says:

    Sounds like it’s something similar smelling but not NG. Do you live near any water/marshes/abandoned pools/etc. The stuff they add to gas to give it the smell is sulfur based which makes it similar to decomposing organic matter and some of the gaseous wastes of certain species of microorganism.

  • xdozex says:

    This same thing happened at my mother’s house. Over the course of about 1.5 years, she and others smelled that rotten-egg gas smell randomly. Sometimes it was there for a full day, other times you’d smell it for a second and then not smell it again. And there were long periods of weeks where you wouldn’t smell it at all. She had the gas company come out to check it 5 times and they didn’t find any leaks or issues once during those visits.

    The 6th time they came out, they were able to confirm a gas leak and it was coming from a pipe running into the house from the street. About a foot underground, right outside the foundation. The funny thing is we noticed a small hole forming around the spot where the main waste line came out of the house but didn’t think anything of it as it was only about 8 inches wide and a few inches deep. Turns out the hole was caused by the gas leaking.

    They needed to trench the whole pipe up and replace tons of pipe both inside and outside of the house.

  • dxk3355 says:

    There’s some flowering plants that kind of smell like gas so maybe it’s just that?

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