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Need advice on refinishing old yellow pine hard wood floors

By July 31, 2019 3 Comments
Need advice on refinishing old yellow pine hard wood floors

Watched some YouTube videos and it seems doable but just want advice from anyone who is knowledgable. The floor is very old and has gaps between the boards. I can’t tell if there are nails near the surface. Total area is about ~750 sq ft. Planned on drum sanding the floor and using a small hand sander for the edges and then maybe blending with an large orbital sander. Finish with a gray stain.

Do I need to fill in the gaps with something?

Will yellow pine wood take a gray stain?

How long will it take?

Is this a bad idea?

Help refinishing old yellow pine hardwood floors https://imgur.com/gallery/16Mo5BZ

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  • arizona-lad says:

    You can see that someone previously attempted to fill the cracks between the boards. Didn’t work, did it? And it won’t. Even 100 year old wood will expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature.

    The old method from centuries ago is still one of the best:


    Otherwise, your plan is sound. Looks like you have heart pine floors. They will look great once you refinish them.

  • gutterpeach says:

    Those are beautiful floors. Me – I wouldn’t bother refinishing them but I also like my current weathered and beat to hell oak floors. If they get scratched, I don’t have a heart attack. Now, you spill something on my Persian wool rug and we’ll be fighting.

    They’re gorgeous. Make your home your own. It’s your sanctuary.

  • TsuDhoNimh2 says:

    You don’t really have enough room to effectively drum sand, and they are not easy to handle.

    Look into “screening”, which is a faster, less aggressive way to recoat a floor.

    And TEST your stains. Pine has a strong yellow tint and can do strange things with gray stains.

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