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Need help picking colors

By May 8, 2019 8 Comments
Need help picking colors

I am feeling lost on picking new colors for my siding and gutters/downspouts. We are trying to freshen the look as it feels dated and dingy. The roof is 3 years old, so replacing it just to change the color isn’t logical. We are creating some landscaping plans which we are doing this summer to help with curb appeal as well. Any feedback and color suggestions would be incredibly helpful! The painters we be using Sherwin William paints, in case anyone needs that info.


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  • i_wanna_try_reddit says:

    I suggest considering making the house, the addition, and the garage very similar in color. Instead of painting the bricks you might find a basic color that looks very similar and apply it to the addition and the garage to create a more unified look.

    *Then* determine the rest of your palette.

  • dancinginside says:

    I’d paint everything, including the bricks, white and the shutters a med/dark grayish blue.

  • ymmateus says:

    I’d use a dark rust color, and do not paint those bricks.

  • BC3613 says:

    We just roofed a house https://imgur.com/gallery/ISrjuNX yesterday with nearly the same color roof and it had similar color gutters/trim and I thought it looked pretty good when it was done.

    What if you lost the shutters, and painted the doors, and maybe added some potted plants/flowers under the porch. Or some shrubs of some sort in front of it?

  • fucko5 says:

    Brick: bright white

    Shutters and front door : yellow

    Grass : green

    Concrete : purple. Fuckin rich purple.

  • febrilesneakers says:

    Firstly, I’d get rid of the faux shutters.

    Secondly, whatever color you choose for the house, make sure you draw attention to the front entrance and paint the garage door so that it’s camouflaged (at the moment, it’s the first thing you see, which isn’t optimal for curb appeal). Choose a brighter color for the front door (not black).

  • horizonview says:

    Is it possible to get a faux brick that looks like your real brick to cover the garage? I’d do a bright colored door like red, and white shutters. I don’t think you should paint the brick! Great house, btw.

  • trjones2 says:

    White brick, black shutters, red door.

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