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New Homeowner – Need to replace Central AC

By July 8, 2019 8 Comments

Hi All,

Appreciate any help I can get here.

Just bought my first home in the GTA and its in reasonably good shape.

However, my AC just kicked the bucket yesterday. The unit is 21 years old, and theres a leak.

I had a technician come by to take a look, and he told me I can try to patch and refill (~900$) or rip and replace with a new 13 SEER Napolean 1.5ton unit for $3100.


He suggested that the patch and refill may not even work considering the age of the unit.

Its my first time dealing with something like this,

Is that a good price?

How do I shop around – every website requires a quote form and a phone call.


Luckily its not too hot this week, but I would want to fix it sooner than later.

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  • okragumbo says:

    I would call a few other companies and get their opinions. I would not mention the size of the unit and the price that the other company gave you. The goal here is to see how many people recommend what size unit for the size and condition of your home and at what price.

  • yesmaybepossibly says:

    Sounds about right for a similar jobs I have seen also in Ontario, though not in Toronto.

    For sure I’d get more quotes though, not sure if you are a member, but Costco has a fast service, can’t speak to their quality as I am sure they subcontract, but yeah, they are known for being able to schedule installs fairly quickly.

  • Sands43 says:

    The prices are about right. The older unit will have a refrigerant (probably R22 – the service tag on the exterior unit will list it) that is expensive.

    Multiple quotes is the general advice. Ask about higher SEER ratings and if you will get a payback on more efficient units. 13 SEER is about minimum now. Current one is likely around 9-10 SEER effective rating.



  • jnksjdnzmd says:

    May be expensive, but it’ll be more efficient and you won’t have to worry about replacing. If you can afford it, do it. Look for 14 or higher SEER.

  • eljaymcca says:

    21 years old? Definitely replace.

    Ask your friends or coworkers to see who they have used for HVAC services and get a couple more quotes. The best value places aren’t the ones spending money on advertising.

  • steakncheese1 says:

    Just dealt with the exact same issue. However get quotes. I got a 14 seer 3.0 ton Trane compressor and evaporator for $2600 installed.

  • pawdugan says:

    We’re preparing to replace our in our 2001 home. The units are original (and one leaks from the coil in the attic). Even if you patch and refill, they don’t make (or will soon stop making) that old refrigerant and prices are gonna shoot waaaaay up (says our guy anyway).


    We had someone come out and seal/insulate which will certainly help when it comes time to choose new units. Check with your power company if they have rebates for re-insulating your house. Duke gave us $250 to do so.

  • victalac says:

    Go on craigslist and get one that is used but perfectly good for 20% of a new one.

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