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Online furniture shopping, what are your favorite sites?

By May 27, 2019 38 Comments

I’m looking for inexpensive pieces ($350 or less) and I have no IKEA near me, which would be my first choice for inexpensive furniture.

I’ve looked into IKEA’s shipping but to my area, the price is astronomical, so I’m looking for other options.

I’m in a rural area with no consignment stores that sell furniture so online is my primary option.

Things I’m looking for are: a large bathroom linen closet to store all towels and toiletries, a small rolling kitchen island, various accent tables + chairs, and an area rug.

What are your favorite places for inexpensive furniture online?

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  • scoobs35 says:

    I tend to first try Costco, Home Depot or target. All have free in-store returns (not sure how well this applies to you if you don’t have any near you) and great customer service if things go wrong. Costco will also pick up furniture (as I understand, never tried) for returns. I know Home Depot seems like an outlier here, but they have an excellent online selection of furniture, rugs, etc.

    I also like Amazon, since they tend to have a lot of reviews and additional pictures. Amazonbasics comes with an extended warranty and their other brands (Stone & Beam) will come with a free returns policy and quick shipping.

    Good luck!

  • squabble123 says:

    I love wayfair, I’ve never had an issue with them. I bought a cheap sectional and I love it! If it’s not wayfair I go to target because they have free 2 day shipping on most items. Their return policy is also REALLY lax (I’ve taken things that have broken without the box or a receipt and gotten store credit) so it’s good if you change your mind often. I always check out amazon too. Lowe’s and Home Depot also have a surprisingly good selection of furniture too. If you have a big lots near you I’ve also heard they have cheaper furniture.

  • sacca7 says:

    Honestly, I’d start with Amazon.

    Target also delivers and has good online selection.

    I have enjoyed Pottery Barn, but that usually has a price tag.

  • BeerorCoffee says:

    Target has been good, simply because your can return to stores. Order two of whatever you want because it is inevitable that something will be damaged in each.

  • linderlouwho says:

    Amazon. If it arrived & it’s not as described, easy-peasy returns. Also, usually useful reviews with useful tips from everyday people.

  • SARASA05 says:

    Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for everything. I always pay a price that is lower than what I know I can resell it for. So if I need a rolling kitchen island with two barstools and I find the kitchen island that I LOVE that comes with 2 free barstools that I HATE, I take the island and barstools and use those stools until I find something I love…. then I sell the original barstools to pay for the stools I loved and also bought on Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist. When I need to move or see a new kitchen island that will better meet my needs, I sell the original set at a profit to pay for the new island and eventually reduce the cost of all my furniture and random crap to $0 or as close to $0 as possible. It does take time, but…. it’s like gambling and I guess I’m addicted.

  • rizzo1717 says:

    I recently just ordered and assembled [an entry way bench](https://imgur.com/a/KuCDNg4) with storage space for shoes and such, from bed bath and beyond. In my experience, BBB is typically over priced, but this was on sale and I also had a 20% off coupon, and I had already price spec’d what getting a regular sitting bench + storage bins was going to cost. This ended up being cheaper with the discounts offered. BBB seems to have a lot of promotional sales and coupon codes, so if you can find the right combination to apply at check out, it might be worthwhile. But I always price spec other options first.

  • germimime says:

    I’m happy with the furniture I bought from overstock.com

  • ClickBaitNTackle says:

    I got a really nice [rolling kitchen utility cart](https://www.target.com/c/kitchen-carts-islands-dining-furniture/-/N-5xtmh) from target

  • walkswithwolfies says:

    Check NextDoor and Craigslist regularly.

    People will sell practically new items for cheap when they are moving in a week.

  • halthecomputer says:

    The “free” section of Craigslist is all I need, bro.

  • tesla023 says:

    Wayfair! I have ordered almost all of the furniture in our home from Wayfair. They have sets or you can buy things individually. There are usually a ton of reviews on things and a lot of reviews have pictures from customers- I find that really helpful. They also have free shipping and for large items, they hire “movers” who bring the piece into your home, rather than leaving it outside. Very convenient! Their return policy and process is also very easy.

  • Alexys4530 says:

    You can get cheaper shipping from ikea if you order only small things

  • Kasparian says:

    Target for sure. I’ve purchased two couches from them (and loads of other furniture) in the past that both lasted longer than my (very expensive) La-Z Boy couch. I am also fond of Wayfair and Joss and Main.

  • BlowInTheCartridge says:

    Just go on Craigslist and buy used real furniture. Stop buying that cheap cardboard shit. It falls apart, it’s terrible for the environment, and it’s more expensive than gently used craftsmanship.

  • aspbergerinparadise says:

    I got a good deal on a sectional couch from Coleman Furniture. But couches seem to be their specialty, and their prices on other pieces are not so great.

  • dirthawker0 says:

    I typically check Amazon and Overstock first to see what’s available online, but keep in mind Amazon isn’t always the best price. Often, but not always. For a big ticket item, it’s worth spending 30 minutes googling the manufacturer and model number to see what other prices come up. Watch for outrageous shipping charges though.

    The good thing about Amazon is the customer service and being able to return things easily. Sometimes that’s worth the extra cost.

    If you’re not in a hurry to buy, try camelcamelcamel or keepa price trackers, which show price history for an item and can email you when it falls below a threshold you set.

  • StrongArgument says:

    Craigslist! Especially if you’re able to paint, restrain, add new knobs, or reinforce corners yourself. I’ve gotten some expensive pieces for cheap!

  • donfart says:

    Are there any websites that make it easy to weed out particle board and fiberboard?

  • yermom79 says:

    Big Lots has a surprising amount of choices these days

  • youarealittlewallow says:

    I’ve had great experiences with WayFair. Just read the reviews like mad.

  • [deleted] says:

    I jest not; in one word, Kijiji.


    We have our entire living room and rec room furnished exclusively via Kijiji. The point being that if you are in or near a decent sized city, anything that you desire will eventually become available, usually for a fraction of of the cost of buying new, The other required attribute is patience.


    We have high end leather couches, love seats and motorized recliners, hardwood custom coffee/end tables, outlandish draperies and the like, such that we could not have/would not have purchased/been able to afford otherwise.


    Obviously I’d never buy a second hand mattress on Kijiji, but anything else is a very realistic option. FaceBook ‘Market Place’ is also a wealth of stuff.


    cheers, Ole

  • Hippie123098 says:

    I’ve had good luck with world market. They have some unique looking items, frequent 30% off sales, and lots of reviews, some with pictures. I’ve bought a bookcase, chair, and two sectionals and the quality has been great, especially for the price.

  • calimn says:

    For rugs, I recommend any of the Wayfair family stores (All Modern, Birch Lane, etc), Target and World Market as long as you don’t buy a plush, fluffy rug. Those look terrible, matted and flat very quickly in my experience. The shorter rugs and flatwoven rugs hold up and feel very nice underfoot with a thick rug pad.

  • oh_basil says:

    American Furniture Warehouse. I’ve bought all of my furniture there. I believe they deliver to most places in the US. Dead cheap as far as new furniture that you don’t have to build.

  • LevytheOG says:

    I’ve had really good luck with Facebook marketplace, personally. That being said, I’m not willing to buy certain items from there either.

  • humanknead says:

    I’ve gotten great deals from Walmart. The tv stands I purchased look way more expensive than the $99-$145 I paid for them.

  • kittyykkatt says:

    Wayfair. Fast free shipping every time.

  • Hrekires says:

    new: Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, Amazon

    used: Facebook regional group

  • tibamarak says:

    Wayfair and Target!

  • AndyInAtlanta says:

    I’m a huge fan of Wayfair. The key is to read every line of the description as the title can be misleading (for example, veneered particle board or veneered plywood), only buy things will a good amount of quality reviews, and do a Google Image Search to see how the product is listed on other websites.

  • ChiefBroady says:

    My wife swears on wayfair.

  • HugeRichard11 says:

    I would say Amazon would work for you I got a large shag area rug from them didn’t pay anything for shipping of course. You might not get full solid pieces of furniture as that would be pretty heavy for Amazon to ship, but honestly they ship heavy things at their cost through UPS or Fedex it seems. They definitely have accent tables too probably not very large long ones though.

  • sprchrgddc5 says:

    Target is like a step above IKEA in quality and pricing. My wife loves it.

  • actual_nonsense says:

    Amazon, because that’s basically how I buy everything. Free Prime shipping comes in handy for large items.

  • larrymoencurly says:

    For wooden furniture, like dressers, book cases, and tables, HomeDepot.com offers fairly good quality pieces made of plywood and solid wood instead of chip board.

  • ChrisC1234 says:

    Are you sure that IKEA shipping is astronomical? They lowered their shipping prices about a year ago. For large items, it’s $40-$60 flat-rate, for the entire purchase. In December, I ordered 2 pallets worth of stuff, and it was $40 total for the shipping. I live about 10 hours from the closest IKEA.

  • peter-s says:

    Just remember: buy it nice or buy it twice. I would recommend staying away from particle board, foam, etc.

    On the “low-high” end, West Elm has some nice sales (~30% off if you’re patient).

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