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Opinions wanted – Is spray foam insulation as well as Stone wool insulation for soundproofing going overboard?

By July 9, 2019 7 Comments

Renovating my basement suite and looking at options for soundproofing. A one bedroom suite will be directly below our main living space – living room and bedrooms.

Is it overkill if I get sprayfoam insulation and then use stone wool sound proofing?

Edit : the ceiling is going to be a suspended ceiling with 5/8 drywall, so drywall will not be attached to the joists directly..The current plan is to use Rockwool for soundproofing. Is this good enough or what else should I look at? I won’t regret too much insulation if it’s worth it, right??

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  • wheezergeezer says:

    There are ways to do this. Spray foam probably won’t help but it does use up unneeded money.

    Rockwool for soundproofing will help. T make sure to buy the right version.

    Decoupling the floor and ceiling will also help.

  • Notevenspecial says:

    Lightweight materials equals lightweight performance. Use it, but you will not be too impressed.

    The heavier products, such as mass loaded vinyl and two sheets of drywall sandwiched together with Green Glue will actually go a long way towards reducing unwanted noise.

    Read more about the process here:


  • nontechnicalbowler says:

    After having drywalled my basement ceiling, I suggest not doing that. I don’t know how much of a PITA it will be with the spray foam anyway, but damn I wish I did a drop ceiling if for no other reason than ease of access

  • dirtroadrider01 says:

    Green glue/clip isolation and rock wool is the combo you’re looking for, if you need insulation get the rockwool kind, not quite as sound dampening but still works well for insulation and sound reduction.

  • Dr_Mario87 says:


    I just used cheap r12 unfaced batts in my remodel noticed a big difference and it only cost me 100$.

  • MiddleCollection says:


    You first put Rockwool in the walls/ceiling/floor.

    You then put Mass Loaded Vinyl over that.

    You then install isolation clips.

    You then put up drywall…

    You then glue the second layer of drywall to that with Green Glue Dampening Compound.

    After that you put your Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps in the room.


  • B25urgandy says:

    No experience with foam here, however I’ve ready it a really can help carry sound, like a solid does.

    I have used rockwool, green joist tape, outlet putty and 5/8 drywall with a solid core door to sound damped a bathroom, and it really worked. With a loud fan on in there you cannot hear a thing from the outside. It’s been amazing because it’s on our main floor by the kitchen.

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