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Plug in lamp to hardwire?

By May 9, 2019 3 Comments

I’m wondering if I can convert [these plugin Hyperion lamps](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAEI1YF?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share) into direct hardwire.

I messed up on the order and thought these were a different lamp that came with a hardwire option. They’re 120v lamps. The plugs are normal small and not a big converter. It looks right, but before I go in, I wanted to double check.

Ideally, I would install these above the line switch so that they’re only controlled by the wall switch.

Am I missing something? I want to avoid returning and shipping them if I can.

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  • coletain says:

    You can hack off the plug and hardwire it and it will work, but it’s not code compliant.

  • Azqxwce says:

    Could be better to wire/find an outlet that can be turned on/off via switch and then just control the lights that way.

  • AmateurSparky says:

    Bought similar ones in my basement, and I just added an outlet for each one that is controlled by a switch. I wouldn’t try to hack anything to hard wire these, god forbid a fire starts in the garage and the inspectors find out about these lights.

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