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Possible to mix, pour & finish approx. 100 80 pound ready mix bags?

By May 9, 2019 3 Comments

I’ve formed up a little walkway leading from my garage pad to porch steps. 4’×40′ It’s an “L” shaped side walk and I put a radius at the tail end rather than just have a 90° turn (going for looks here).

Here is my problem.
I’m needing little over 2 yards, enough to fill the form and account for waste. But with my full time job I only have time to pour on the weekend. To get a truck out I’d have to pay 500$ to get them to just open on saturday, another 150$ for not buying the minimal 5 yards they require on top of ~90$ per cubic yard. So around 900$ for a truck.

I need 100 80# ready mix bags to get the concrete I need(3.50$/bag bought inbulk). Is this even possible to pour and finish with out co-joints? 2 young men with experience in concrete but I’ve never had to deal with this many bags. Would I be ahead to run 2 mixers at once to speed the process up?
I’ll have joints on 4′ centers, should I try to pour 12feet, go back to finish that and throw some expansion board in where a co joint could form?

Or dump 100 bags in the form, add water and get to whipping? Im at a stand still

Is this even possible to do and have it look acceptable?

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  • DangerBeard87 says:

    In my opinion, I don’t think you would get as good a finish due to how much you would be rushing. If it’s a hot day and sunny it would set off very quick with no admixtures.
    In my area (British Columbia) there is a company called yard at a time, they don’t have that 5 yard minimum.
    You could call other suppliers to see if they don’t have the extra charges, or take a day off to avoid the extra $500.
    If you do it yourself I would suggest leaving more of a gap than just expansion joint. Make the point that they are separate slabs by leaving a few inches, it would look like a design feature more than an outcome. Again just in my opinion.

    Good luck.

  • User151a says:

    Co joint = cold joint

  • decaturbob says:

    you just form construction joints and take a couple weekends to do the job. You will need to put in control joints properly space any ways

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