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Quartz Countertop Install Gone Wrong. Please help.

By June 13, 2019 3 Comments
Quartz Countertop Install Gone Wrong. Please help.

We are in the process of updating our kitchen and ordered a quartz counter through a local stone company a few weeks ago.

The company was great at first then the past two weeks became flighty. They probably set 4 different install dates and times and didn’t show up or would call after they were supposed to be there and say there was a problem we have to do it another day. I can’t find good help, my finisher is sick etc.

I made arrangements to have my brother help them move the slabs because I was sick of the excuses and needed my kitchen back. They were supposed to be there yesterday at 12:30 and showed up at 2:00 to install it. The entire process was seemingly a disaster. Please tell me I’m not crazy.

We have a U shaped kitchen, they originally started with trying to put in the corner piece and the cut was way off, I have a 13×13 box in the corner that has my upstairs plumbing in it running down to the basement. By way off I mean the gap was like an inch plus from the wall. Their solution was to cut out an inch high strip of drywall and try sliding the piece into it, to close the gap. When that failed he tried telling us we just needed to put up a piece of drywall to cover the gap, he would of course pay a drywall guy to do this.

They then brought in the long piece with the sink hole that butts up to the corner they couldn’t get right and there was a sizable chip along the seam. On top of that, what was supposed to be the finished edge was slightly wavy as well as the sink cut out was similarly the same way.

At this point I was frustrated beyond belief and just told him to take everything out and take it back to his shop. He kept trying to leave it for my SO to see and I said it wasn’t necessary. If I wasn’t happy they wouldn’t be either.

This cannot be how this is supposed to go, am I nuts or should I contest the charge on my CC get my deposit back and run away from this company?


We’ve never renovated anything before and I’ve never purchased a huge piece of stone like this, please tell me I’m not nuts, I feel like the piece should be cut within reason for my walls and the seams should be tight and the edges perfectly straight. Am I wrong ?

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  • baccus83 says:

    We had a similar experience a few years ago.i can only speak to the edge problems.

    Did they make a template when they took measurements? A good fabricator will make a template so they know exactly how everything lines up. Sometimes this is a digital template and sometimes this is quite literally a physical wood template they take with them. It’s very difficult to get a correct cut that lines up with the wall without a template, especially since walls are pretty much never perfectly straight.

    Ours didn’t do a template. Of course we didn’t know they should have until after the fact. There really was no way they could have fixed it quickly without getting an entirely new slab so what we did was simply install a short quartz backsplash along the whole thing to cover the crappy edges.

  • akatsukix says:

    Have fun shopping as you should insist on a full refund and go somewhere else.

    No idea what happened here since no business could survive this level of incompetence but I’d also say you ignore lots of flags. “I have trouble finding good help” means he doesn’t have experienced folks doing it.

  • nwoooj says:

    Ouch. That sucks! We picked a very similar counter to what you had ordered ([https://imgur.com/mAMSNyG](https://imgur.com/mAMSNyG)). We went through Lowe’s during their 20% off sale, we paid $60 sqft and they came with a digital template camera, provided CAD drawings to sign off and then fabricated. On install they did take off the drywall like your fabricators have, but it was really just to tuck it in and make it look perfect. We were shopping around with fabricators, Ikea, HD and by chance went into Lowe’s and discovered the sale and patterns we liked. We placed an order a couple days later. The downer for you is they take about 3-4 weeks from order to install.

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