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Question about perculation “perk” testing for septic systems.

By August 20, 2019 One Comment

I’m about to put an offer on some land which had a perc test done in 2005. The perc test came out at 38.4 min/inch.

Do I need to have a more recent perc test done? Is it advisable I put the passing of a new perc test as one of my contingencies?

Thanks everyone! I learn so much from this community!

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One Comment

  • Kv603 says:

    I wouldn’t ask for a new perc test, but if you’re nervous about buying a building site and then not being able to use it because it doesn’t pass, maybe consider the results of a test pit in your contingency?

    Since your goal is to be able to build and that requires a functional leach bed, the $$$ for a test pit is worth the investment, as it pretty much guarantees you can build a field there, while scientific consensus is that simple perc-rates are “*only useful as a design tool, not as a go no-go gauge for site approval*”.

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