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Quote for replacement of sliding doors

By May 9, 2019 8 Comments
Quote for replacement of sliding doors

Good morning,

We have a walk out basement with sliding glass doors that currently do not work. There exterior wood trim is rotted. The exterior walls around the doors in this part of the house are made of stucco.

We received the following quote for replacing the doors: https://imgur.com/a/kT1QNB3

We have never had this kind of work done. The company gets great ratings. The labor costs seem high to us, so we want to make sure this is a reasonable quote. We live in a rural area in the northeast and unfortunately don’t have much in the way of choice…

Thank you in advance for any input!

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  • Phillip_Pirrip says:

    I think it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes. That’s being said, I paid around $5,000 for a new sliding door in my walkout basement last fall.

  • CDMJarrettvsMehldau says:

    Sounds about right.

  • DsBrews says:

    Us Americans aren’t cheap. Anything special about the door? If I was paying nearly $1200 for it I’d make sure they aren’t picking up the bargain bin $350 one at the nearest warehouse hardware store.

    [EDIT] Looked again. 94″ width. That’s probably a custom size.

  • tutters12 says:

    This is a good price. I paid about $2,500 when we got ours done a couple years ago and people were telling me how good of a price that was for it.

    Definitely look at the reviews to make sure they do good work, but if you feel good after reading into the company, go for it!

  • effbrianna says:

    Without seeing the scope of work they are using for this quote it’s hard to say for sure whether this is high or not. Assuming they are going to replace the rotted casing with a PVC product and that there will be a decent amount of prep and finish work involved I would guess this is a pretty good price. If this company generally does larger projects they may charge a significantly higher premium on small jobs as well. If you have never used them before definitely get two more quotes from reputable companies before signing.

  • Mo_shun08 says:

    We paid about $2250 for a 72×80 standard slider in NY state, good quality and energy efficient. Your quote seems good for a bigger door.

  • TechnicallyMagic says:

    If trim is rotten, there’s a good chance that the jamb or rough opening (framing) is rotten to some extent. Doors and windows are installed relative to the rough framed opening. If that framing changes for any reason, the door/window action will suffer, and THEN people notice and plan to have the unit replaced. It often has developed problems because of more serious structural issues. Door and window replacement estimates must be given exhaustive recon before developing a number, and even then, sometimes you uncover things that you would never expect. Now the customer has a hole in their home and the number you quoted isn’t going to cover it. Be prepared for the scope to grow, be prepared to work with your contractor on how to pay to fix it. Whatever you uncover while working, that needs to be fixed, however unpleasant the information, it’s a good thing that you learned it then and not any later. Remember that.

    A good sliding door will run you $1,500-$3,000 depending on the model. If you’re having it professionally installed in the same sized hole, that’s up to modern standards, you should expect $500-$750 in labor. If you’re changing the existing in any way, start at $1,000 for labor and it may need $2,000-3,000 if anything needs to be jacked up, rebuilt, or siding disturbed/replaced, etc.

  • jehovahs_waitress says:

    I wonder why the doors have a nailing fin, and how they propose to repair the stucco/match colors since they will have to cut away the stucco to screw the fin down. Renovation doors here have a different way to attach to the door framing that does not involve wrecking the stucco or even cutting it back.

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