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Reducing Road Noise in Bedroom through Secondary Glazing(London)

By June 5, 2019 3 Comments
Reducing Road Noise in Bedroom through Secondary Glazing(London)

I’m on the 3rd(G,1,2,3) floor on a relatively busy, but speed “restricted” street(20mph), and find I can hear cars/motorbikes/voices etc. It’s not too bad but I would prefer the bedroom to be completely quiet when I’m trying to sleep.

I’ve looked at getting secondary glazing for the window(2m wide by 1.3m heigh) but wanted to find out if there was a cheaper alternative? I was quoted around £700 for this.


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  • 83ohio says:

    Maybe if you winterize it? With foil and such but i would just put triple glass in that worked for me when i lived close to a railroad

  • NevadaPurple says:

    stuff it with Roxul

  • FlartSimpson says:

    Before anything, make sure everything is well caulked and sealed as best as possible. If air can get through, so can sound. Outside of that, there’s not going to be a cheaper alternative that doesn’t involve blocking up the window, which I assume you don’t want to do. Just go in with realistic expectations. If that window is poorly sealed and allows lots of sound through now, a secondary glazing is not going to work miracles. It’ll reduce sound, but you’re very likely going to hear much of it still. If you truly want a completely quiet room, that window will need to be replace with one that has a high STC rating.

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