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Rubber Toilet Flapper Questions

By July 18, 2019 2 Comments

Hi all,

I recently replaced an old rubber toilet flapper with a brand new flapper (Fluidmaster 504) because the old one was causing some leaking.

With this new one, I have to hold down the lever until the tank empties, almost like it’s too heavy or something.

Are there any other brands out there that might be better? Or maybe any suggestions for keeping this one from closing immediately so I don’t have to hold down the lever?


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  • Dem0s says:

    Adjust the chain so it pulls the stopper up more when you flush. It should float and then sink with the water level when flushed.

  • pokinfolks says:

    Both fluidmaster and Korky make adjustable flappers that you can dial to extend drain time. I’m pretty sure they’re relatively cheap too—under $10.

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